Wednesday, 13 May 2009


When Michael Martin, the ill suited SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS, first got the moniker GORBALS MICK, I was a little annoyed. Just a little because although I would rather CUT OFF MY FUCKING RIGHT ARM than vote for the Labour Party, he was Scottish and I saw it as a anti-Scottish issue AND ALSO A CLASS THING.

However after seeing yesterday his performance in the House on Monday, I now believe it is time we got rid of the FUCKING, FAT TWAT.

The man is FUCKING STUPID. He has been doing the job for years and his performance was worse than FUCKING ABYSMAL!

He is as THICK AS PIG SHITE! I have met people from Kilmarnock who had more brains and they are some of the thickest BASTARDS I have ever met!

He is of course waiting to get his payoff which will be worth around £100,000. This is coming from a thieving Bastard who has fleeced the taxpayer until the pips squeak.



CrazyDaisy said...

Ah ken yer pissed aff wi 'is w@nker but what goes aroon will aye cum aroon anither time, the De'il will tak the hin' maest.

Saor Alba

Crazy Daisy

Dark Lochnagar said...


You just get pissed off with these thieving bastards. Particularly the crew that come from Glasgow and Lanarkshire. Died in the wool scum.


CrazyDaisy said...

True, but I ken many a Glaswegian and there no ah like him. I've lived, worked and been skweelt on baythe coasts, a hate it as much as you, but time heals athyn!


Crazy D

Anonymous said...

Your right enough, Lochnagar, I've had enough I'm going to resign this afternoon, 19.5.09.

I tried my best, but your right, I always have been a thick Bastard.

Michael Martin.