Thursday, 30 April 2009

Political Correctness-why do we need it.

Is it just me or is anyone else fed up with POLITICAL CORRECTNESS?

We fanny about trying to be so PC it is ridiculous. We can't even say, that Black guy over there. We've got to say, that guy in the yellow shirt or whatever. If the guy's black so what, he's black, probably a very nice guy, maybe not. Exactly the same as white guys, Jewish guys, Germans, Muslims, Women, French, English and even maybe Homosexuals, (just kidding).

But the fact that I have to add just kidding, shows that I am frightened of not being thought of as hip or with it or whatever shite they say now.

But I'm 54 and I don't to the best of my knowledge know many Homosexuals, but the ones that I have met, similar to many heterosexual men, make me feel uncomfortable. I don't however feel uncomfortable around women, although I am no great catch, or so my Wife tells me!

I'm not saying it is any-one's fault that they are different from me, it's just a fact that they are.

As soon as we post comments on Newspaper on line stories if we use any word that might be "offensive", i.e. twat, shite or Jew, we are censored. (They particularly don't like Jewish comments). Any story about Israel or Palestine is not allowed to be commented on for some reason. These are all words that are used in real life. If someone calls me a fat Scotch Git, I'll tell them to fuck off, not run off to some Police Station and waste their time.
Sorry if I seem to be rambling, but post was brought on by this fucking arsehole at the top of the page, who killed a child whilst driving a car without a license or insurance. He is also an illegal asylum seeker who is on his second appeal against deportation.

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