Monday, 23 March 2009


Tony McNulty MP, a Minister in Mugabroon's Cabinet is the latest to be found out to be crawling along the sleaze trail. He has been taking £14,000 per annum for his parents home, 11 miles away from Westminster, from the taxpayers. This is despite his principle residence , which he shares with his partner, being only 3 miles away from the Palace of Fun. What a SLEAZE-BAG!

The Calamity Commission set up by the Unionist Scottish Traitors in the Scottish Parliament, is proposing to hand some powers back to the Westminster Sleaze-bag Retirement Home. THIS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN AND ALL OF SCOTLAND SHOULD BE ON THE STREETS FIRST.

Edinburgh MP Nigel Griffiths has been caught shagging a lady in Westminster who was not his wife and horror of horror, on REMEMBRANCE DAY! I hope he stood to attention at 11 o'clock!

Still with a name like NIGEL, you would have thought he would be GAY!

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