Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sunday 22nd March 2009 WHAT A FUDD!

Scottish LIEbour Leader, ELMER FUDD, ( Iain Gray), has made a PRICK of himself again after his rant to Alex Salmond at FMQs on Thursday about his constituent, a young man by the name of LEWIS DOIG. ELMER used his four questions lambasting Scotland's First Minister about how LEWIS had been unable to finish his apprenticeship, presumably because of some perceived failing in Alex's Government.

It has since come to light that not only was LEWIS in a apprenticeship, but he had been offered a full time job with a local company in East Lothian.

LEWIS himself is a bit of a local celebrity amongst his pals, having been formerly THROWN OFF a college training course for fighting with a fellow student. Not only that but he is a star of a UTube video in which, pissed as a fart, he liberally sprays out the F**K and C**T WORDS.

Poor old Iain Gray, WHAT A FUDD!

p.s. Can't wait for FMQs on Thursday for the SALMOND'S RIPOSTE!

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