Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I only realised who Jane Goody was last week when we saw pictures of her racially abusing some minor Indian Celeb on "Big Brother". My only ever experience of the said show was once when I switched over on a Friday night, half pissed, to find several people fast asleep. Failing to appreciate the entertainment value I never watched it again. Miss Goody, I believe, came fourth.

Now whilst I appreciate the lassie trying to get a few bob for her weans, it was the general tackiness of the daily reporting that left me with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Particularly when The great Leader, Old Clunking Fist, MugaBroon, himself, felt he had to comment.

Has the one eyed TWAT not got enough problems having taken us into this disastrous BANKRUPTCY without having to comment on the death of a stupid girl, who had she not ignored follow up letters from the Hospital, could have been alive today and spared us the sickening spectacle of her demise. Max Clifford has probably taken a bloody good whack of the money anyway and I am sure her new hubby will want his pennyworth whether directly or otherwise.

All in all, a very sad reflection on our sick, salivating, sycophant society.

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