Thursday, 17 October 2013


Is it just me who is getting more 'socialist' as they get older?  I thought you were supposed to get more right wing as you got older, you know the 'ang 'em, flog 'em brigade.  Now don't get me wrong.  I would rather cut off my right arm than vote Labour.  I supposed because they no longer look after the workers.  All of the main parties in the UK are for the 'hard working middle classes' and there is not even a ba' hair between them.  I despair for the 'working class' guy, if such a thing still exists.  Who represents him?  No one.  Even the Trade Union leaders are making in excess of £100,000 a year and in my opinion you can't make that sort of money and still be 'working class'.  These people are under great pressure.  Short term contracts, unemployment, low wages, part time work, disability and unemployment benefit under attack by millionaires like IDS, who married into wealth and married a Viscount's daughter.  Oh yes, you can take the attitude like the 'Daily Mail' and pick out the 0.001% who are immigrants and are living in the huge house in London with their 16 children and making £30,000 on benefits, but when you average it out that is less than £2,000 per year, per child and most of that sum is paid in housing benefit anyway.  This the reason that I am a Scottish Nationalist.  I want to be represented by people who have me and the good of the country at heart.  Not morons, that we have sent to London to 'represent' us and after 10 minutes get a big head as they 'work', when they are not in the bar, in Westminster with it's archaic ways, dickheads who are called, 'my
honourable friend', what a load of piss!  Even worse is the 'upper' house, where political pricks, who were never any good at anything like, 'Lord' Prescott for instance walk about in ermine, spouting crap about anything that the lobbyists will pay them for, as they line their pockets and look down on the working man.   Bankers who have criminally robbed the country get away with it and are punished by their ennoblement taken away and losing £50,000 per year out of their £850,000 a year pension.  Former 'New Labour' PMs like that fucker, Blair are lining their pockets being paid by regimes who when they were in power were demonised for their suppression and murder of their own people, like Khazakstan for instance.  Thank fuck I'm in Spain!

Thursday, 19 September 2013


I haven't posted for a while.  I have been settling into life in Spain, lucky bastard that I am!  Anyway, it seems to me that with a few short years we are going to have a 'civil war' of sorts.  We are increasingly becoming subject to a Global security system organised by our politicians in hand with the companies that most of us abhor.  Arms dealers, multinationals etc. and the money, as we all know, is flowing into politicians hands.  Who in Britain or elsewhere has been ever jailed for their fraud?  Yet, fraud benefits are threatened with a 10 year sentence.  Now, I don't disagree that people who are running non-existent benefit claimants should be hammered.  But, the silly young girl who is claiming single parent allowance and lets her current thick boyfriend to stay a couple of nights a week?  It seems to me that us, the people, are being suppressed from above and when, and if, the thick bastards in the U.K. ever wake up there is going to be blood on the streets!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

” How to wage a war upon the poor.
Probably the most disgusting thing about this coalition has been their propaganda war against the most disadvantaged people in society. By the deliberate spreading of lies, they have facilitated a systematic assault upon the poor, the sick and the disabled. And they have knowingly misled the public for one simple reason, to enable them to totally dismantle the welfare state.
There are lies, damned lies, and then there are lying Tory bastards.
The welfare state has led to a ‘something for nothing’ culture?
It may be utterly repugnant to hear millionaire politicians who have never worked a day in their life telling us that they are ending the ‘something for nothing culture’, but it’s also utter bollocks. Only 2.5% of the total welfare budget of £200 billion actually goes on unemployment, whilst the vast majority of unemployed claimants have worked, and paid taxes, for years and are now on benefits due to redundancy, sickness, disability or having to care for someone. Millions more are receiving benefits due to poverty wages. The Welfare state is actually a massive state subsidy to business which enables it to pay poverty wages and charge exorbitant rents.
Living on benefits is a lifestyle choice?
Only 0.1% of benefit claimants who have claimed for 10 years or more are actually unemployed. Less than 5,000 people, out of over 9 million 16-64 year olds who don’t work, have been on Job Seekers Allowance for more than 5 years. Less than 0.1% of the 20 million working age households have 2 generations that have never had a permanent job. Despite strenuous efforts, researchers have been unable to find any families where three generations have never worked.
People won’t work because benefits are too high?
In 1971, JSA equalled 20.9% of the average wage. Today, it is worth 10.9%. These people are living in poverty. There are 8.5 million people receiving benefits in this country. There are more people IN WORK who get benefits than not working. The majority of all housing benefit claimants are IN WORK. 6.1 million people classed as living in poverty are from households IN WORK.
People on housing benefit live in mansions?
Our newspapers continuously bombard us with these stories. There are around five million claimants of Housing Benefit; of which there were five families who received over £100,000 per year, all living in central London. The average award of Housing Benefit is approximately £85 a week. Only 3% of families received more than £10,000 a year support, and 0.04% received more than £30,000 a year. And no-one ever mentions that housing benefit goes straight to the Landlord and not the claimant.
And those large families screwing the taxpayer? There are around 130 families with 10 children and only 10 families with 12 children IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY who are on benefits.
Benefit cheats are bankrupting the country?
Benefit fraud amounts to about £1.5 billion a year, less than 1% of the entire budget. To put this in perspective, the bank bailout equalled 1,000 years of benefit fraud. Meanwhile, £1.3 billion gets underpaid each year and a further £16 billion goes UNCLAIMED every year.
We can no longer afford the welfare state?
So who is really bankrupting the country? Well, the richest 1,000 people now possess £414 billion between them, a sum more than three times the size of the entire UK budget deficit. The richest 1% of the population are estimated to possess wealth of about £1 trillion. The richest 10% control wealth of about £4 trillion. The Quantitative Easing programme has increased the personal wealth of the UK’s richest 20% by enough to pay for Job Seeker’s Allowance for the next 100 years.
The people of this country are being shafted, but instead of the blame being directed at the real culprits, the rich, it is being aimed at the most vulnerable, the poor, with our own Government shamelessly leading the way.
And every one who believes their bullshit should hang their heads in shame.”

There’s a storm coming…

Saturday, 7 July 2012


The following video is of an American pilot singing "Bye, bye , Miss American pie', as he blows up an Afghan civilian.  Is this really what we want to be associated with in Scotland?

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


1 Scotland would officially be one of the world's richest countries - ranked 6th in the OECD compared to the UK's 16th place. We have 24billion barrels of oil remaining in the North Sea, according to industry body Oil and Gas UK. That's £1.5trillion in today's prices - half as much in value as has been taken out.
2 We also have around 25 per cent of Europe's potential offshore wind and tidal energy - and a tenth of Europe's wave power. An extra 45 per cent of renewable energy was generated in Scotland last year, according to the UK Department of Energy. It's more than we need and can be exported for cash.
3 Other countries want to invest here. The recent Ernst & Young UK Attractiveness Survey highlighted Scotland's leading position in the UK for job creation from international investment. With independence, we can make the country even more attractive to these employers.
4 Independence will allow us to keep services such as the NHS and the welfare state. In England they are being privatised and cut. Benefits are being taken from the needy and the Scottish Parliament can't stop that under present powers.
5 Scotland has five of the top 200 universities in the world. We also punch well above our weight in the number of research papers they produce. It means our historic reputation as a well educated nation is flourishing. We give our universities one of the best packages of support in Europe, with no fees for students from Scotland. With independence we can do even more.
6 We'll have more money in our pockets. If we got back what we sent south in tax, official figures show every Scot would have £510 more a year. The only tax the Scottish Government controls just now is council tax, and it's frozen under the SNP. Imagine if we controlled fuel duty, national insurance, VAT and income tax.
7 Our government would be more streamlined. Scotland, like Denmark, New Zealand, Norway and Finland, is a goldilocks country - not too big and not too small. The UK wastes money on bloated institutions bogged down by bureaucracy - look at HMRC, the tax authority. It's gone from one calamity to another. The rich get away with evasion while the rest are overcharged.
8 Mobiles would work and we'd all get high-speed broadband. Telecommunications are controlled in London. Westminster auctions licences to phone companies but only demands 90 per cent coverage of the UK. This means "notspots" in much of Scotland. Broadband is patchy too, and it doesn't help that Scotland's capital budget has been cut by a third by the Tories.
9 Our culture would get a boost. We'd have control over broadcasting and more high-quality programmes could be made here. Our news would no longer look hand-knitted compared with well funded UK offerings. We could export high-quality drama and our young bands would have a platform on the radio.
10 Imagine the goodwill. Scotland is held in high regard around the world - by those who know us. But being buried in brand Britain means sometimes we don't get to shine as we should. Independence would generate global interest. We would be the new kid on the block - young, modern, and happening.

Thursday, 17 May 2012


I've been following this debate about the Euro for well over a year now, as I am waiting to complete on a small house in Spain.  

I am no longer convinced that  the Eurozone is going to break up.  Alth ough the € has gone from £1.10 to £1.25, which is great for me, I don't think it is an economic decision any more but rather a political one.

I watched tonight a programme I had  taped where Michael Portillo goes to Greece and all parts of Germany to ask if they want to stay in the Euro and to a man and woman, they did.

When you are on the continent for any length of time your attitude to Europe and the Euro tends to change.  We in Britain have a sort of snobbish, standoffish attitude towards Europe and the Eurozone.  Now, while I am in Scotland, I don't want to see us joining, but when I am in Spain, it somehow seems ,OK.  How can that be?

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Minimum alcohol pricing, there's a quandry.

We have to face up to the  fact that we in the UK and more particularly in Scotland, have a big problem with alcohol.  When you go to Spain or France the only drunks you see are Brit tourists or occasionally a North European.  Some of the scenes in our city centres on a Saturday night are a disgrace.  Some people will say that is because drink is so dear that people get hammered in the house before they go out.  So should we make drink cheaper?  Would that bring in a more responsible attitude to drinking?  Personally I doubt it. But, then I suppose you could say that it is much cheaper in Spain where I drink a reasonable wine for £0.65 a litre and Spaniards don't get pissed, even at the football.

Now I speak as one who has drunk like a fish for most of his life, so I think I might have some input here.  I do in principle support minimum pricing but I do believe that £0.50 a unit is too dear.  How, if it gets through the courts, can we charge £0.50 when in England, they are looking to bring in a price of £0.40.  Ridiculous.  And why should we hand the supermarkets a £100 million bonus?  Those bastards have ravaged our town centres, turning them into 'tesco extras', charity shops and bookies.  I'd clobber any multinational in an out of town centre till they felt their orange pips squeeze.  

Is it possible to take this money off them and use it to pay for alcohol education for our young?  I don't know.  But, I will tell you one thing.  This is what a responsible Government means to the people of Scotland.  The SNP and it could be rightly or wrongly in your estimation had this policy as part of their manifesto despite the fact that Labour, the Tories and the Libdums were against it in the last parliament and they know it will lose them votes, but they have the interests of Scotland's people at heart.  Suddenly of course, CamaClegg have decided they are in favour so the Libdums and the Tories have changed their tune.  So in other words, they are not interested in the health of the people of Scotland, just in their narrow Unionist policies.  Plus ca change as my French brothers say!

Sunday, 13 May 2012


Western 'leaders'.  Let's have a look at them:

America-President Obama was elected by an electorate who wanted change from the fuckwit who was Bush.  Under him however, the Bush policies have been followed rigidly.  They've still got Guantanimo, shit health care, expensive military expenditure and the electorate are controlled almost as much as in Britain by 'Homeland Security'.  The politicians are all in thrall to globalist businesses who fund their campaigns.

France-Sarkozy has gone to be replaced by M. Ordinaire, Hollande.  He at least sees the need to stimulate the economy a little to get some demand going but wants to do it by dragging the French economy back to the 1970s.

Germany-The mad frau Merkel, in thrall to the bankers and anti stimulation of the economy, which appears to be the only one in Europe which is working.  The Germans always said that after losing two World Wars, they would win the third, i.e. the economic one.

Russia-Putin's grip over Russia is entering it's third five year plan.  The country is totally corrupt from top to bottom.

Spain-Rajoy holds sway over a nation where more than one in two of young people are out of work.  well when I say out of work, I mean official work, because the black economy is endemic in Spain and until he tackles that and pulls out of the EURO so that the vast housing stocks which the banks hold, can be sold off at a realistic price, Spain will never recover.

Greece and Italy-they don't have politicians in charge, but central bankers imposed by the ECB, so they don't count.

Then of course, we come to Britain.  A country presided over by two toffs who have at the very least been corrupted by the Murdochs, if it doesn't turn out to be more serious.  A country where the much heralded, anti-lobbying bill has been put on the back burner.  How many palms have been and are getting greased?  Only time MIGHT tell.  Cameron, it could be said, would be hard pushed to run a pissup in a brewery and looks to be totally out of his depth.  And the solution to Cameron?  Are we really suggesting that Boris Johnston should be the Prime Minister.  He's a halfwit!  It's even enough to make you nostalgic for Gordon Brown!

It's maybe time that we realise that our type of democracy isn't working and we have to find a better way of running our countries, because at the moment we are on a very slippery slope to financial oblivion or another world war, just to stimulate the World's economies!

Boris-front right