Thursday, 17 October 2013


Is it just me who is getting more 'socialist' as they get older?  I thought you were supposed to get more right wing as you got older, you know the 'ang 'em, flog 'em brigade.  Now don't get me wrong.  I would rather cut off my right arm than vote Labour.  I supposed because they no longer look after the workers.  All of the main parties in the UK are for the 'hard working middle classes' and there is not even a ba' hair between them.  I despair for the 'working class' guy, if such a thing still exists.  Who represents him?  No one.  Even the Trade Union leaders are making in excess of £100,000 a year and in my opinion you can't make that sort of money and still be 'working class'.  These people are under great pressure.  Short term contracts, unemployment, low wages, part time work, disability and unemployment benefit under attack by millionaires like IDS, who married into wealth and married a Viscount's daughter.  Oh yes, you can take the attitude like the 'Daily Mail' and pick out the 0.001% who are immigrants and are living in the huge house in London with their 16 children and making £30,000 on benefits, but when you average it out that is less than £2,000 per year, per child and most of that sum is paid in housing benefit anyway.  This the reason that I am a Scottish Nationalist.  I want to be represented by people who have me and the good of the country at heart.  Not morons, that we have sent to London to 'represent' us and after 10 minutes get a big head as they 'work', when they are not in the bar, in Westminster with it's archaic ways, dickheads who are called, 'my
honourable friend', what a load of piss!  Even worse is the 'upper' house, where political pricks, who were never any good at anything like, 'Lord' Prescott for instance walk about in ermine, spouting crap about anything that the lobbyists will pay them for, as they line their pockets and look down on the working man.   Bankers who have criminally robbed the country get away with it and are punished by their ennoblement taken away and losing £50,000 per year out of their £850,000 a year pension.  Former 'New Labour' PMs like that fucker, Blair are lining their pockets being paid by regimes who when they were in power were demonised for their suppression and murder of their own people, like Khazakstan for instance.  Thank fuck I'm in Spain!


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