Friday, 9 March 2012


"Eric Joyce started out in his political career as a self-styled, idealistic campaigner.

But 11 years on from his election as a Labour MP he has found himself outside a London court talking of his "personal shame" for assaulting four fellow politicians in a House of Commons bar".-BBC Scotland

Joyce is a moron.  A typical big-headed Scottish Labourite.  He obviously has a drink problem like many others in the House of Commons and the Lords.  But, can anyone tell me why they have numerous bars in Westminster?   Does anyone else have a bar in their work?  If you get pished out your brains, are you allowed to carry on with your work?

The only honourable solution for this man who heads the expenses list for MPs with nearly a £1,000,000 a year, is for him to resign from his job, refusing a pension and allowances and an immediate by-election should be held.

What's the chances of that happening?


From The Hip said...

The man will no doubt not resign. The man does not know the meaning of the word honourable. Which is odd because he was a soldier.

However when you have a leader like Lamont, who should have sacked not suspended him, one should not be entirely surprised.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Hippers, welcome to the blog. Lamont is a twat, but as he is an MP and not an MSP then it's down to Milipede to suspend him. He Will not resign because he'll lose his severance pay and he's a fucking arsehole.

Citizen Sofa said...

I do think he should get the Perrier Comedy award this year too! :D I am not shure if Perrier would be the right company to sponsor it tho! :D

Dark Lochnagar said...

Citizen Smith, welcome to the blog. He could of course get a rematch with those two moron boxers who were fighting after that fight!