Monday, 16 January 2012


"A Scottish Labour MP has been forced to resign a key advisory role after making a spoof video comparing First Minister Alex Salmond to Adolf Hitler.
Glasgow MP Tom Harris took a clip from the 2004 movie Downfall and added his own made-up subtitles portraying the Nazi leader as a crazed Alex Salmond".

It's evident to me, that they are out to fight dirty.  Ever since the Unionists shook themselves off and got organised, the political knives have been getting sharpened.  Their bile and spite is unbelievable.  The only paper that supports the SNP is Newsnet Scotland, who have been taken over by the Trotskyist 'Bella Caledonia', group of  'writers', chief amongst who is some ex-singer who used to be married to a SNP MSP and others, like people who decribe themselves as 'Graffiti Artists'.

Where is the middle of the road opinion, that is sympathetic to independence?  Is it just up to me and a few others out in the blogosphere writing our usual crap?  If I was to rate he chances of Scotland gaining independence at this point in the game, I would say that about 10/, would be about right.  Devo-max?  Maybe 4-5/1.  We haven't even seen the full blast of Unionist nonsense as they desperately try onto Scotland with all it's natural resources and entrepreneurial spirit.  Why don't they want Scotland to become independent?  Oil, whisky, water, timber, renewables, (although a new energy souce is imminent which will kill that stone dead, you heard it here first), financial services and our Silicon Glen.

That's why pricks like Harris will fight tooth and nail to let the Establishment hold onto Scotland.

Joan McAlpine was right.  He is a traitor to Scotland and the Scottish people.


Nikostratos said...


'traitor' Yep well there is a lot of us about and we are determined to win by all means necessary.

throbber said...

Aye Newsnet Scotland has been a massive let down.
From an open forum for views from all sides it has become a cult blog where the slightest dissent is deleted or blocked.
It has put folk off the SNP as they see what the future holds under an SNP administration.
Read the comments and weep at the sycophancy.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Niko, are you back from Crete then?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Throbs, I haven't read it for nearly a year since myself and Subrosa were attacked out of the blue by the 'graffiti artist' I mention on the Bellacaledonia blog, a blog which I had never visited previously. Our comments in our defence were not allowed to be printed, like the communist state that blog is and when I became aware they had something to do with Newsnet, I ignored it.

Anonymous said...

By all means necessary Niko? What does that mean then? Lies? Propaganda? Knifings? Shootings? Murder? Bringing out the troops? Seig Heil anyone?

Are you an Orangeman Niko? I think we ought to know? BTW when do you want to hand Cyprus back over to Britain?


Hazel Lewry said...

In reference to Newsnet Scotland,am I one of the Trotskyists? Or the ex-singer divorcee? I can say, I've never called myself a "GrafFiti Artist"... Just curious.

Its readership does seem rather enthusiastic over its support for independence, but as you say there is absolutely no outlet for them anywhere else. So, in my opinion they feel safe to let steam off there.

Peter Thomson said...

Maybe you were booted off Newsnet Scotland's blog because of intemperate language, like the stuff posted on your blog .... maybe it is your frankly defamatory style of commenting ... Newsnet Scotland most certainly is not rabid right wing that is true it is social democratic, funnily enough a style of Government 48% of Scots who voted in May 2011 supported. This is called democracy, the SNP - social democratic party - are in the majority; by your estimation that must mean that 48% of your fellow Scots are Trotskists?

Newsnet must be doing something right it had over 62,000 unique usps last month a readership the Scotsman would slaver over.

PS: I regularly write for Newsnet Scotland and I do not see what you claim.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stephen, don't bother with him he's a sad fucker, who wants to see independence for Crete but not for Scotland. The same as many Celtic and Rangers supporters in Scotland!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Hazel, welcome to my blog's comment section. There is no censorship here unlike 'Bellacaledonia'. I and some other pro-independence bloggers were subjected to an unwarranted attack by the Graffiti artist. We were censored when we tried to defend ourselves on their blog, which was crap. The singer I mentioned was allegedly someone called Patrick Cain. They may be pro-independence, but purely on their own Trotskyist terms IMO. There has to be other political points of view and it has been suggested to me and others that they have taken over Newsnet, which had the opportunity to be an important organ.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Peter, welcome to the blog. I have never used intemperate language on any other medium, that is not my style. On my own blog, I say it as I see it. If my language is the one used by 95% of the population, then I apologise to your sensibilities. Why does the Newsnet site have the 'BellaCaledonia' logo on their website. As to my objections, please see the above comment.

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