Thursday, 8 December 2011


A Labour MP has been accused of making anti-Semitic remarks after suggesting Britain first Jewish ambassador to Israel had 'divided loyalties'.
Paul Flynn, the Newport West MP, made the comments about Matthew Gould during a meeting with chief civil servant Sir Gus O'Donnell.
He also said that the ambassador to Israel should be someone 'with roots in the UK' during questioning over Liam Fox's relationship with his friend Adam Werritty.

And the point is what?  The man is completely right and it's not often I agree with a Labour MP.  Anyone who is Jewish is bound to gave divided loyalties with regard to Israel, the same as I would have if I was the Spanish Ambassador to Scotland.
However my loyalties, would not be because my 'race' considered itself 'chosen'.  How can a religion be a race anyway, particularly when the majority of Jews come from Eastern Russia?  My loyalties would be, because Scotland is the land of my birth not because I had my cock circumcised when I was small.


Quiet_Man said...

Just shot yourself in the foot, Brian Gould is British, born in Britain, by your criteria his loyalty would be to britain and not to israel as he wasn't born in Israel.

tris said...

It has always been the policy of the London government to send non Jews to Israel and non Catholics to the Vatican City, because whatever anyone says, there is a RISK that loyalties may become divided, strained, pressured; call it what you will.

Why the last UK government deviated from that is a matter of some concern. I'm not one for tradition, but you have to ask yourself, before changing tradition, why it is there, what it does, and what are the possible consequences of dispensing with it.

I suspect that the facts relating to Gould, Fox and Werrity and their meetings, both professional, and it seems social, and the fact that they are rumoured to have discussed Britain's involvement in a war against Iran on the side of Israel, may have contributed to the trouble recently seen in Teheran.

(I'm not excusing it; I'm explaining it.)

Dark Lochnagar said...

Quieters, welcome to the blog. People of the chosen 'race', always have divided loyalties, between their country of birth and Israel. I refer you to this, the exchange between the two of them in the committee meeting.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, I agree and there is plenty of evidence that a Zionst led war against Iran is brewing. I refer you to the link I posted.