Saturday, 26 November 2011


So there you are.  Stuck in the wilds of India.  For years your family has eeked out a living making a cheap shoe for the locals, of whom you are one.  You have a certain skill handed down from your father and his father before him, in curing cattle skins and making shoes.  

Then one day, you find out, that no one any longer wants your shoes.  Your children are starving and you can't help them.  Having very little education, you don't know what to do next to keep your family from the breadline.  What has caused this problem?  Well, a multi-national company, in this case Adidas, has started to sell their Reebok trainers locally for $1 per pair.  Yes, $1 PER PAIR!  The same branded shoe which can cost up to $200 anywhere else in the world.

Your customers flock to buy them, of course.  Little do they realise, that they are only cutting their own throats.  Because one day, another multi-national will come in and destroy their jobs or businesses too.  Not only that, but they will try and make you feel as if you should be grateful for it, with stupid phrases like, "every little helps"!

Then with all your local businesses destroyed, your only place of work will be some dingy factory, where due to lack of health and safety rules in an emerging country, you will be poisoned and life expectancy will fall.  Your life will then be influenced by the vagaries of international trade and the next time there's a downturn, the Banksters who control international trade will squeeze and you will find yourself on the streets along with your family, begging for your daily existence in competition with all the other families , instead of being a craftsman with your own little business.

And all because they started buying cheap trainers.


sad world said...

Sad news right enough. It's a bit like those folk buying up all the cheap villas in Spain for holiday homes while the people who built them sleep in hostels or park benches and eat at soup kitchens. Fucked up world right enough.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Sadders, the difference is when people buy houses in Spain, not only are they employing people to build them and they are excess to the housing stock of the locals, but they bring employment into the area through restaurants, builders and other businesses. Anyway, it's Paella kitchens. they only have Gazpacho over there and it's not very warming on a cold winter's night.

sad world said...

Ha ha gotcha DL ;)
Has your Spanish complex got a golf club ?

banned said...

Wow! Great scheme. How many pairs of trainers would you need to pack illegal immigrants with to entirely offset their transportation costs when sold down the east end markets? (Trainers that is).

Dark Lochnagar said...

Sadders, yes as a matter of fact it has. But, the water is reprocessed out of our shunkies, so it is eco-friendly. Anyway those daft cunts in Bilbao send it down!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned,I've worked it out and it's 125.