Saturday, 19 November 2011


A guest post by Ed Miliband, leader of her Majesty's opposition.

So a million young workers on the dole.  Are we surprised?

I'm in  my late 50s, but in my day, no one was on the dole unless they wanted to.  Are our young any lazier than before?  Undoubtedly so, they think the world owes them a living and they want the instant gratification, fame and money they see on shite, like the X factor, which is really only making money for Simon Cowell, or whatever he's called.

Are they less well trained?  We all know they are.  Thanks to Labour's preoccupation of making sure everyone went to 'Uni', we have a generation trained in useless courses like 'media studies'.  Half of the ones who go to University should actually be at college learning an apprenticeship.  Mind you there are no colleges any longer, there all universities.  

Very few want to run their own business on a self employed basis.  I have been self employed in sales for years and if you don't make sales, you don't eat and indeed you can lose money.

Do they want to work or are they happy on the dole.  Well, I believe they are paid something like £46 per week buroo money, how can any self respecting person be happy with that?

So who's to blame.?  Society, Government and indeed parents, whose pride in their offspring gong to Uni because they didn't, has been overwhelming.  When was the last time you saw a poor plumber?  Or indeed, have you ever tried to get one?  40 years ago, the rage was all for do-it-yourself, but they forgot useless, (or lazy), bastards like myself had little or no intention to get their hands dirty.  Wander around your local B&Q.  Who do you see with the trolleys loaded with stuff?  Tradesmen.  The twats like me are walking about with a light bulb or some other innocuous item looking for a staff member to tell them what to do with it.

Time the younger generation got a kick up the arse.  After all, I'll be retired in10 years and who's going to keep me in my old age?


throbber said...

Is that a young DL in the foreground with the pushbike ?

This Uni for all has devalued degrees. You can't get a job without a degree these days. I can't see things changing. There are too many folk getting eye watering salaries to keep the whole Uni gravy train going. When I was at school it was the top 5% of the class who were deemed clever enough ( after lots of exams) to go to Uni. Now it's 50%. I don't see our kids being 10 times smarter these days. In fact they seem thicker. Unless their calculator works they're fucked. 12 times table ? Hang on I'll get my calculator. Their text books are stuffed full of global warming rubbish. It seems to have infected every aspect of their studies. Maths, Geography, Physics etc. Stuffed full of greenie bollox. Poor bastards are being brainwashed by the EU.

tris said...

I work in the employment business.

A lot of what you say is true, of course. Everyone going to uni is plain idiotic. About 5% is about right. And you don't need a degree to work in Tesco call centre.

But what I have found, in a post industrial city like Dundee, is that there are thousands of young people for whom there is no work. No, wait, I'll explain.

Mr Grayling says that there are tens of thousands of new jobs in the jobcentres every day. And of course he is lying. But he's a minister. That's his job.

However,with the benefit of his degree, doubtless Mr Grayling has worked out that if there are tens of thousands of new jobs in the jobcentre every day, and a million young unemployed, it wont be long before they are all in work.


In a place like Dundee you have a history of factories, mills, foundries and shipyards. There are, therefore, families all over Dundee, whose background is factory work.

Now I'm not saying for a second that because your grandfather worked in a mill, it is out of the question that you can be a brain surgeon (which they need at Ninewells Hospital), but, from my own experience working with the unemployed youths, this is the exception, rather than the rule.

In short, job matching is necessary for the benefits of the employee, employer and customer.

And there are almost no factory jobs in Dundee.

There are some call centre/customer service/insurance office jobs. You cannot put a potential labourer or welder into a job in an insurance office.


Are the kids lazier? Yes. Everyone is lazier than in the hard days when a family of 8 lived in a two roomed house with an outside toilet shared with another family of 5 (and that's not fictional... it's my grandmother's history).

Nikostratos said...

Your all wrong as usual on DLs blog
having or not having a degree as the case may be should have no connection to employment.
You have better educated people to make a better society turning people of Uni manufacturing lines to the benefit of Employers is the absolute wrong way to go....

DL goes on about self employment and all that shite and then fails to grasp the simple fact individuals must decide for themselves what they wish to create a business a career or spend their lives going fishing(my preference)

when that happens more different ways of living in and out of employment will solve unemployment.

Which is just a construct of the capitalist society we currently are being tortured within.

5% is enough for university dopes say yeah well left to them we would still be sending small children up chimneys(DLs preference)

Or perhaps they are so used to tugging their forelocks to their perceived betters they have internalized inside their small brains they are the ruled and not the rulers.

tris we lived 13 in a three bedroomed house but we did have an inside toilet of our own(luxury)


Inherited ignorance then for the poor and Inherited intelligence for the rich eh?? FFS

tris said...

No Niko. That's not fair.

I'm sure that you do understand what I'm saying. You chose to misinterpret.

You can have a brilliant child from two only very moderately intelligent adults; just as two brain surgeons could produce a seriously under average intelligence child, but let's face it, the odds are against that.

But in any case, I know. I work with them. The want factory work; the want work that will tire them physically. You may want to be politically correct about it; they don't. They call in men's work, and they scoff at those who can't do it; who work in offices and don't get their hands dirty.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Throbs, you make some good points. It doesn't seem to me that they're any brighter nowadays, in fact as you rightly say if you count up the items you want to pay for in a shopping queue and give them the right money, they look at you as if you are a genius! I didn't go to Uni, instead going into family business, but I did get an acceptance from Stirling to do Economic History. I've got no idea what good that would have done me.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, we used to actually make things in this country instead of making cold calls on the phone. Who the fuck wants to work in a call centre? Half the rest of the jobs are either part time or short term contract which is just another way of getting past employment legislation initially by multi-nationals.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Niko, I have absolutely no idea what you are gibbering about. Were you pished when you wrote that, or has your little Cypriot brain finally succumbed to the Ouzo?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, I think that it has more to do with your upbringing, rather than the brains you are born with. Rightly or wrongly and looking back I don't know why, I have never thought that there was a job I couldn't do, well apart from being a brain surgeon of course. How for instance can it take you 5 years to learn how to be a plumber? you should be able to learn 90% of it in 3 months. Why does it take you 7 years to become a vet, so you can specialise as mine does in cats? It's all bollocks!