Sunday, 20 November 2011



Major Fuckup said...

Here's a comment that you probably won't see very often in the esteemed Telegraph newspaper. I suspect it's probably been moderated by now .....


5 minutes ago
How much longer are you fucking European people going to keep putting up with these fucking EU pricks. I came here looking for the story about how the EU is threatening to fine anybody that saves drinking water can prevent dehydration, which, newsflash, anybody that needs to be told that is already stupid as fuck. But since I'm in a generous mood, here's what you people need to do. Gather up every EU official you can find, and while you're at it every leftist "cause" advocate, and every fucking Muslim imam, and go all fucking Vlad The Impaler on them. Ram a fucking stake through their asses and keep going until it comes out their fucking mouths, and then set them out in the countryside for all the fucking world to see. Actually I don't know why I bother, its all your own fucking fault for letting these cocksuckers have so much power over you to begin with. Newsflash, the more power you give a government bureaucrat, the more the dicksucker wants, and the more corrupt he and the system becomes.

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Admit it DL. It was you lol

Dark Lochnagar said...

Major, funnily enough, your comment was put into my spam folder by google. It's fair cheered me up as I was considering, seriously, giving the blog up, but now I see that there are still some of us daft cunts out there!

Major Fuckup said...

I wondered what happened to the post DL.
Glad it got you fired up again. Too many bloggers thinking of throwing in the towel these days.
I can't see the comment on the Telegraph website anymore. It must have broken a few of their house rules lol

Dark Lochnagar said...

Fuckers, I'm not surprised. I'm just amazed that it got past their vetting procedure anyway. That's the problem. They want comments but they want to censor them. It's bad enough in papers, but when it happens in blogs and the 'your comment will be visable after the owner's approval' comes up, I just delete it because it really gets on my tits!