Monday, 24 October 2011


A man in need of a good shave
Are there any lessons to be learnt for Scotland in the Libyan affair?

Well Gaddafi was obviously a bastard, we all knew that.  But, when he came to power he got rid of the previous administration who were seen as even bigger bastards at the time.  Whilst the Libyans welcomed his military coup, in Scotland in 1707, when the Scottish people were sold down the river by their 'betters', the nobility, who only had their own interests at heart and had been bribed by English money to push Scotland towards the Union, there were public protests in the streets.  But times change.  They have changed in Libya as they also have in Scotland, although it is obviously a shorter time span in the Arab country.

Some would say of course that the Union has been good for Scotland.  Since 1707, the UK economy and Empire grew exponentially, thanks to the enslavement of the common people who worked in the mills and factories to produce the wealth which flowed from their efforts.  The common soldier, convinced that he was fighting for the defence of Britain died in their millions to conquer the lands of other peoples, although they would say they were 'explorers' who brought enlightenment to the heathen.  It seems to me that we have failed in many ways to civilise those heathens if some of the facts we are fed by a biased media are to be believed.  That being the case, the enlightenment would appear to have been for the benefit of the power brokers who really reaped the rewards and whose children rarely appear in foreign fields to be shot at and killed.  How many of our MPs and even more importantly the PTB, have sons fighting for an pipeline in Afghanistan?

It struck me tonight when I heard an article on the news at the  EBC, that said that the future of the Libyan people was ensured because they had huge supplies of oil, that there was a huge similarity with Scotland.  I'm not saying that we have had a 'mad-dog' in charge for the last 30 years, although some in Scotland might say that Maggie was of a similar ilk, but I do believe that the time has come for Scotland to go it's own way and take control of it's own affairs.  The Scottish Secretary, Michael Moore, said today, with Unionist pride in his voice, that an independent Scotland would have been unable to intervene in another Libyan, like the UK has over the last ten months.  He completely misses the point.  No one in Scotland, or at least very few, people think we should be interfering in another country's politics.  What about Saudi Arabia or Bahrain?  Why aren't we carpet bombing their leaders?  We all know the answer to that!

No, let's remain friends with England, we have a shared history of sorts, but many in England think we are a drain on their economy, although that has been proved to be false many times and after all we wouldn't want to outstay our welcome!


Tiger said...

I'd pump it.

banned said...

Hi Darkers, for a contrary view

mind your blood pressure.

Anonymous said...

Id have to say that if I had to spend an evening with one of them, I'd rather do it with mad Dog than Mad Maggie. He at least would be more interesting...well, before he was dead, I mean.... even after he was dead really.

Yes, we were sold for greed of nobles and now we are being held for the greed of the likes of Cameron.

I choked with laughter and anger at that half witted pratt Moore (who wasn't even picked as the most junior of ministers or even a PPS before Laws was caught stealing).

I have never, not once, met anyone in Scotland who thinks we should be interfering in the rest of the world. Colonial days are over, and Britain is seen clinging to its past. Because Cameron and Blair and Brown have such vast experience and knowledge of international politics and local conditions,their input is somehow essential to the running of countries like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan. All countries with oil by a strange coincidence.

But really we are seen as America's lacky.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tiger, but would you let him give you a BJ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bsnned, thanks for bringing that to my attention. I have left a comment displaying my usual temperate language at what is actually a racist blog and I am going to report the cunts to the hate police!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, what a prick that Moore is. He's an embarrassment to Scotland, but then he is a Libdum. Why do the west think they have the right to interfere in other countries? let them evolve as we did. Are things so great here in the UK? I don't fucking think so!