Friday, 26 August 2011


What a strange country we live in.  A couple of weeks ago we had courts sitting 24 hours a day to convict daft kids who took part in or received proceeds of the riots.  In many case ridiculous sentences were handed down by wizened, old fuckers who are still living, in their own minds in the 70s.  One, as you will recall, was for a guy who nicked 4 bottles of water from a looted shop as he walked home from his girl's and he got 4 years, despite the fact his record was clean.

On the other hand, our rulers, the politicians, have just signed a deal with Switzerland to get tax back from those with secret Swiss bank accounts.  Fucking good thing, I hear you shout.  I agreed, until I looked into it a bit closer.  The Treasury and the political Establishment in this country have the ability to make a pound of tripe, seem like the finest fillet steak.  The Swiss have agreed to tax these accounts and the Treasury have said that they expect to get back £5billion.  Firstly, there is no chance of that amount coming back here and well they know it.  Secondly, why should these tax evaders be taxed less in Switzerland than people who bank in this country and thirdly, why are they being allowed to keep their  anonymity? 

Let me tell you the answer to those questions.  The EU are or more correctly, were, in the process of making Switzerland tell all EU states, who had accounts, how much was in them and when they were opened.  This deal with Britain scuppers that agreement and it can no longer go ahead and individual countries will now have to make their own arrangements.  So the British Establishment which is jailing people for 4 years for stealing some water is allowing the rich and mostly the mega-rich, to evade taxes and hide their identities.

Why?  Two reasons.  They want to protect their own offshore banking in the Channel Islands and in other far flung outposts of the British Commonwealth, where our banking masters headed by the Rothschilds, (with Nat Rothschild being a pal of Mandelson's and Osborne's, at least they holiday on his yacht), have interests and secondly because simply it is the politicians who have been bought and paid for by the Banksters doing their masters' bidding.


shuggie said...

I think the Swiss bank account holders will be squirreling their money somewhere else by now or converting it into property. If they have any sense. Which they do have.
That water stealer got 6 months DL. It was the facebook folk who got four years.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Shuggers, are you sure? I seem to remember he got 4 years, anyway it was too long. I remember he was going to appeal it. That bird that got accused of receiving stolen property, initially got 6 months which was squashed on appeal.

The Facebook thing was pish too. Christ, I must have sailed close to the wind on occasion if that's the case. I have become aware since that I always add for political protest if I suggest people get out on the street. It is not a free society or even a democracy we live in.

Bill said...

You need to look a bit deeper into the pro's and cons of off shoring.
I am moving all of my assets (circa 50K) to a South American country (begins with a B) because I am sick to death of the thieving fucks in government and those in local government (go read the EUreferendum blog but don't punch the screen!)dibbing into my pockets whenever they feel like it.

I'd do an Old Holborn and move abroad but my wife and kids won't wear it.
Wish I could say that the peeps will wake up but I cannot see it happening in what remains of my lifetime.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bill, you're right. I just don't see why stupid pricks should be jailed for years for nicking fuck all, while MULTI-MILLIONAIRES and I mean the fucks of the banking world and supposedly the chosen race, can strip the UK of any of the benefits whilst enjoying our hospitality. Look at that prick, SIR Philip Green, I think they call him who owns Topshop. He pays not a jot of income tax in this country instead sending it offshore to Monaco. Don't get me wrong, I think that we are taxed too much here and it is stifling the entrepreneurial spirit, but I don't like getting stiffed.

Bill said...

Those stealing/looting or licking icecreams they didn't pay for are just the poor victims of a government full of airheads who have been told by the common purpose crowd/civil service/consultants/lobbyists/eu overlords something must be done.

I have no issue with people offshoring whatever they can, forgot to add the house car and just about everything else I own is being transferred to an offshore trust in another South American country beginning with B. Once that's been done I intend to become a part time operative in an offshore company wholly owned by a trust thus dropping my income for tax purposes below the £7500 barrier thus no income tax is due.
My wife is also becoming a part time employee of the same company and we really can live like kings on £15K a year.

Income tax is theft plain and simple. Council tax is theft plain and simple.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bill, I can see the sense in that. £15k is liveable if you don't have any outgoings. Are you still going to be resident in this country?

Bill said...

Yes. As I said I would leave Britain tomorrow even though I love the country (just not the majority of people currently living in my part of the world) but the wife & kids won't wear it. Might persuade them to move to Wigtown/Newton Stewart area though.

Lovely part of the British Isles, low population density good blend of Scots English & Irish, a very friendly place bugger all jobs but a my income will be made on't internet it hardly matters where I am.

Beats the hell hole of Barrow-in-Furness any day!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bill, yes it's nice down there, I know the area well. What do you do on the internet?

Bill said...

Promise you won't laugh....
Making Facebook Fan pages, mobile websites and blending the two with QR codes to allow offline businesses to use mobile devices to connect with their customers and sell em more stuff.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bill, does it pay well? I've been looking at something I could do remotely from Spain that would earn me a living. Is it difficult to do and is there any further slack in the market for someone else? e-mail me if you want