Tuesday, 9 August 2011


London riots: This is what happens when multiculturalists turn a blind eye to gang culture

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The roots of these appalling events are many and tangled, but for the moment let’s just focus on one: the way Britain’s educational establishment has cringed helplessly in the face of a gang culture that rejects every tenet of liberal society. It’s violent, it’s sexist, it’s homophobic and it’s racist. But it is broadly tolerated by many people in the black community, which has lost control of its teenage youths. Those youths scare the wits out of teachers and social workers – and some police officers, too. The threat of physical violence is ever present in many schools, and one can hardly blame individual teachers for recoiling from it. But we should and must blame those schools and education authorities that have made extra space for gang culture in children’s lives because they believe it is an authentic expression of Afro-Caribbean and Asian identity. We are seeing a lot of black faces on our screens tonight; it’s a shame that the spotlight can’t also fall on those white multiculturalists who made this outrage possible.


The Young Oligarch said...

Just read the article on The Telegraph's website .

I thought he was pulling his punches far too much . The consensus in the pub tonight was that Enoch was right .

Damian Thompson does like multiculturalism , however , as long as it involves Irish Republicanism asserting itself in Scotland . Check out his comments under the sectarian bigot McMillan's posts .

Me ? I take people as I find them .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, me too.I don't really know his work as I'm not really a Telegraph reader. Yes, I always said that Enoch would be right sooner or later but of course our politicians weren't all of his calibre and were out for what they could get therefore allowing themselves to be bought off by the mill workers in the North of England who wanted a cheap Bangladeshi workforce and that started the immigration into the UK from the third world.

Good job we civilised those Tims, eh!

shuggie said...

Meanwhile the FTSE is down another 5%. RBS is about to fail ( and Bank of America) and no one seems to notice. Oh hang on.......

Dark Lochnagar said...

Shuggers, RBS better not fail! I've got a house to get money from on the 19th and they've got a mortgage with RBS!

shuggie said...

Hopefully they won't fail DL. They got downgraded by S&P yesterday as they're heavily into US debt re insurance ( CDS). 4th Biggest in the US.
Some links you might like. Or not.





Dark Lochnagar said...

Shuggers, yes, the sons of Zion, like to look after themselves!