Sunday, 31 July 2011


Muhammar Gaddafi has tonight pleaded with the American Government to solve the debt crisis talks.

Colonel Gaddafi made the request on the Al Jazzeera network.  The full quote said, " I Muumaar Gaddafi, the humble son of a goatherd, request that my black ally Mr George W Bush and his dad, Mr Bush Senior, the man  who humbled Saddam Hussein will work together to  get those crazy, son of bitches in the Congress to vote for a debt ceiling change.  I Muumaar Ggaddafi pledge to sell much oil to save mighty Dollar and free the world".

Foreign spokesman, Hilary Clinton told Muummaar Gaddafffi, "to go and fuckkkk himself" in a slurred expression of support for her husband that "fuckpig Clinton", seemingly unaware that he left politics, many years ago and is now banging the Filipino maid when she is away on State department business.


Billy said...

Ive got a sneaky feeling you made all this up DL.

Don't know why - just a feeling you know.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, why you thik that Paisley man? You think dumb Arab boy no help greatest country in world because they try to kill meee?