Friday, 17 June 2011


Saudi women campaigning for an end to laws banning them from driving, have designated Friday as their own day of direct action.
An online campaign, Women2Drive, urges those with international driving licences – so that they cannot be arrested purely on the grounds of being unqualified – to test the law.
They are being asked to do so individually, in contrast to the last incident of mass disobedience over the issue, in 1990, when 47 women who drove in convoy around the capital, Riyadh, in a show of strength.
They were quickly arrested, and many were ostracised and fired from their jobs.

Now when I read this, I thought, "there are two ways to play this, outrage at women not being allowed to drive and therefore should we be bombing the Saudis or should we be congratulating them for keeping the streets safe". On doing a little research, I found that women in Libya are allowed to drive, indeed under Gaddafi, they have freedoms and rights that they don’t have in many other Arab countries. They also have one of the best healthcare systems anywhere in the world. What of course the West doesn't understand is that most Arab countries are tribal states, unlike our 'great democracies' and therefore a lot of the unrest is caused by, 'when two tribes go to war', a song I remember from the 80s, when of course it's not caused by some Twatter in Aberdeen pretending to be a one-legged, Arab lesbian with plooks.

It's OK though, because Dave has said that Gaddafi won't be able to attend the Olympics in London next year. Does that mean then, that he's still going to be in power? And if so, what the fuck are we doing in Libya?


Gallovidian said...

Mister Lochnagar, I am increasingly impressed by the quality of your posts. Already you have surpassed wet Judeao-Christian sky fairy and rapture fanatic Cranmer. Next step world domination and a hate piece against you in the Grauniad.

Keep up the high standard.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gallos, Thanks, I just say it as I see it.

Tiger said...

I'd pump her

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tiger, actually I find that veil thingy quite sexy, but I've always been an eyes man, well after the size of the tits of course.

Billy said...

DL - I think you and Tiger would pump anything that moves going by past comments.

Anyway it looks like the US will be invading Libya soon and maybe worst:

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, the the Bilderberg group have just met so world Governments will have got their orders from the Jewish bankers and in particular the Rockafellers. I stopped making this comment at this point to watch the video and it just reiterated what I was saying!

Anonymous said...


I see these ladies driving around the local area in big Mercedes Bmw X5s etc. The can't fucking drive with Niqabs on one almost crashed into me yesterday I shit u not - if they want to drive then they should at least get lessons, licences and given a 1.2L Fiesta so they can't endanger life!

Fuck me! Pat Condell was right....


Dark Lochnagar said...

Daisy, they're bad enough most of them without giving them fucking 4x4s. A scooter is enough. Half the bastards shouldn't be on the roads. Mind you there's some fucking dittery men as well!