Saturday, 18 June 2011


This is the face of the new caring Tory party, MP Philip Davies who has suggested that the disabled should work for less than the minimum wage.  He said :

“The people who are most disadvantaged by the national minimum wage are the most vulnerable in society,” he said. “My concern about it is it prevents those people from being given the opportunity to get the first rung on the employment ladder.” 

It's because they are vulnerable they are disadvantaged, and vice versa, you stupid fuckpig.  The next thing will be to suggest the long term unemployed should work for less than the minimum wage and before you know where we are the minimum wage will have disappeared and all the huge global companies like McDonalds, Tescos and Pizzahut will have sad 50 year olds serving chips to kids and getting paid £3.50 per hour or they will lose their dole money.

At one time, you know, I might have considered myself a Tory, but scum like this fucker, just tarnish the memory of a time when the Tory party were genuinely working for the country. 


Gallovidian said...

Everyone should be able to contribute, and have a living wage if they are prepared to work hard.

Once we have voluntarily repatriated those who belong elsewhere, and reformed the welfare state to be what I was originally intended, there will be work for those who want it and a kick in the arse for those who do not.

tris said...

Great post DL. He's a hateful little fat man isn't he.

Living wages should be living wages, not just enough to scrape by on.

I think that perhaps instead of repatriating the people who "belong elsewhere" (interesting phrase that) we should do our best to get rid of the drug dealers, the rapists, the murdereds, the thieves and the scum, like Philip and his odious "honourable" friend Christopher Chope (or as I like to call him Choke Joke).

Filthy scumbags, even worse than the royals, who also "belong elsewhere".

wanker said...

The Tories campaigned vigorously against the minimum wage in the 90's and claimed all sorts of disasters would ensue if it was introduced.
Mind you they campaigned vigorously against devolution as well and then couldn't wait to get their snouts in the trough when Labour legislated for devolution.
That Philip Davies must get a thrill at being controversial or else he's just too stupid to see what reaction his comments would get. Like hushpuppy with his rape sentencing ideas.

Lee said...

I totally agree with what Mr. Davies is saying.

I'm 49 years old, have Asperger's syndrome and have never had a job.

I need to be able to offer an employer something so that he will at least just consider giving me a job; and I reckon that his being able to pay me less than statutory minimum wage might just do it.

I doubt I would be any worse off than actually being paid a proper wage because of the complex interactions between the various benefits I receive and the amount of money I have to pay to social services for my care. In effect a wages subsidy would be in operation.

I desperately want to work, and need to work, so that I can fully contribute to, and participate in, society; and strive to become the best person I'm capable of becoming - and the minimum wage legislation is hindering me in my search for employment.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gallos, if people are prepared to work hard they should get a decent wage, however in many jobs the minimum wage becomes the norm and even people who are worth more are paid at that rate. Why not have two different rates for small local companies and global ones like McDonalds who are making billions worldwide?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, your being fattist! But I take your point. Lets repatriate all these fuckers that are clogging up our jails and if they've got into a relationship here with some slut then they will have to go with them or stay here, but they should be booted out. The worst thing we did was to sign up for ECHR. I am all for human rights for people who deserve it, like the disabled but not for foreign scum that shouldn't be here in the first place.

Dark Lochnagar said...

MerchantBanker, there is a balance to be struck between allowing businesses to thrive and be successful and employ people and the rights of people to have a decent standard of life if they are prepared to take part in society and contribute in whatever way they are able.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Lee, welcome to the blog. I have a girl who I am in contact daily in Denmark who has Asperger's so I know a wee bit about the condition. I can give you her twitter details if you want.

I can understand your dilemma but allowing employers to pay less than the minimum is not the way to do it. Suppose there was someone who had slight mental problems like depression for instance, who were perfectly able to function and hold down a job. An employer would take them on if they only had to pay them say £2.50 per hour and the state would make up the difference. Sounds fine. But supposing I have no health issues and I was going for the same job and I was long term unemployed and didn't get it for the reason outlined. How would I feel? How long would it take for resentment to build up and for them to be using phrases like "I didn't get that job again because some cripple bastard got it"! You take my point? Even someone who was working and whose taxes were contributing to a disabled person's income could be cut out off a job because someone got it who was being subsidised by his taxes. No the answer is to have a 'living wage' not a minimum wage then there is room for all. Have you thought of doing some voluntary work or even becoming self-employed? With working tax credits you would be able to keep what you have at the moment. Are you on DLA or ESA?

Anonymous said...


I see that cunt Cameron has an article in the Telegraph dissing absent fathers - easy line to take with dads Slagging them off - over simplified the complexities of family breakdown - always the father's fault.....Aaaaaaargh!

Tories showing their hate for society, shame dads like drink drivers - wtf?! Neither need humiliating.

Off to cool down over a Father'sDay beer - an absent one.


Dark Lochnagar said...

Daisy, get pished and drive home. Go for it!

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