Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Tony Blair’s government discussed plans with British firms to exploit oil opportunities in ‘post Saddam Iraq’ five months before joining the invasion of the country.

Secret papers reveal that then international trade minister Baroness Symons told energy firms back in November 2002 that they should be given a share of the country’s huge oil reserves.

The Labour peer also lobbied the Bush administration on BP’s behalf amid fears the firm was being locked out of lucrative deals it believed the U.S. was striking with other countries.

The revelations, in minutes of meetings between oil executives and the Labour government in late 2002, appear to be at odds with their insistence Iraq’s vast oil reserves were not a consideration ahead of the March 2003 invasion.

I don't have a problem with the oil being carved up.  After all we need oil and if the US were going to invade and British Troops were illegally involved, tell us.  Don't give us some shite that 99% of the stupid fuckers out there who watch crap coming out of the box in the corner believe, giving them the chance to start the post 9/11 security clampdown!

WMD, aye that'll be fucking right.  That's why we need a Scottish Parliament with Scottish politicians who can't get too far above the people, like in all small countries, of which Iceland is shining example.  Let's hope the SNP get in and take us down the road to independence.  Sooner or later, the English, will get fed up with us meddling in English affairs and tell us to gettaefu, (ya basa)!


Tcheuchter said...

The SNP has no intention of leading Scotland to independence, they merely want to remove the middleman (Westminster) so that the country is ruled directly from Brussels. Ergo I shall remain loyal to UKIP.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tcheuchter, you must do what you think is right. My raison d'etre is independence, after that we'll see about how we progress in the world, whether we should rejoin the EU, because we will stop being a member when the UK is broken up, so if you want the end to EU membership, as I do, you should vote SNP.

Anonymous said...

Yes ... 100% in agreement.

Edinburgh feels like it's close at hand and I know a lot of the politicians. Not too much side to most of them in the self service canteen at lunch time.

Not like the palace of Westminster and up their own arses of the London lot.

Tcheuchter, let's get shot of London first then we can worry about the far less tight ropes from Bruxelles.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, they seem to get this power thing when they move to London. I don't know if it's the size and grandeur of Westminster, particularly to some Labour wanker brought up in a council house in a mining village and I don't mean that in a looking down on miners kind of way, just that their heads can be swayed more easily.

Anonymous said...

You're probably right. It's imposing and because once the people who inhabited the place were what was imagined to be "important" there rests an aura about the place of grandure and importance.

They are, and always were of course, exactly the same as the rest of us; their bodily functions exactly the same, and bar for the fact that they do/did it in a deal more comfort, at the end they stop breathing.

I wish they would get over themselves.

Gordo said...

Unless we leave the ECHR, which means leaving the EU, all laws of any importance will be judge made laws as they decide on priority of 'rights'. Leaving the EU is essential to democracy, not peripheral, we MUST leave the EU or democracy is finished.

An independant Scotland will be seen as a successor state and therefore a part of the EU, with the French and German armed forces there to enforce membership. Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters? England? America?