Thursday, 24 March 2011


Osborne's clandestine raid on tax and benefits to cost families £30bn
The above headline was taken from the 'Daily Mare' and you can bet that if their editors are letting it be used then Osborne's budget was not one anyone will remember with any fondness.

Back in the mists of time in the 70s, the days of platform shoes and bell bottom trousers and the women were worse, we voted for parties for the good of the country.  Now it seems to me that we vote in parties for what we will get out of it.  The same with budgets.  Almost as the Chancellor speaks, we have a litany of experts telling us how much it's going to cost us or vice versa.  (Sorry, it's the politicians that like their vice versa)!

The Chancellor tells us that this budget tells the world that Britain is open for business.  That may or not be true, but what is for sure is that they have a large unemployed workforce to choose from who will be forced to work for fuck all, as wage slaves, until they hit 70, before they get a pension. How many will live much more than that age, as they drag their work weary limbs from doctor to hospital appointment, is debatable.  But I would bet it won't be too many unless they decide to pay for medicine to keep us alive.

So there you have your life set out by the powers that be who control our politicians.  You flog your guts out in some second rate pish occupation for 50+ years, taxed to the hilt with VAT, income tax now including N.I., to get a state pension of £140 or the equivalent.  Anything you may have from a company will be taxed out of existence and if you leave anything for your children, that will be taken as well as the world slowly but surely moves towards World Governance by Global bankers and Capitalists.

Fuck me!  I'm beginning to sound like a Anarchist, or even worse a Socialist! 


McGonagall said...

Welcome to the club comrade.

Dark Lochnagar said...

McGonners, do we fight the system or move to Spain for 15 years, that is the question! It's alright for you not living in this shitehole that is the UK.

Dioclese said...

No point going to Spain - they're in even more shit than us!!

A how about the biased media? All bangin on about the measly 1p petrol duty cut and not a mention of the extra hike in tax allowances.

And then there's Labour. I've looked really hard and have been totally unable to find out what their economic policy is - apart from slagging off the other parties.

They're all twats! I liked the Francis Urquhart budget at Much more like it!! Although, worryingly, they actually did some of it...

Dark Lochnagar said...

Greekers, I saw that, it is a bit worrying right enough. Pulled out of the shite by oil again. Makes you think!