Wednesday, 23 March 2011


B.B King today paid tribute to Pinetop Perkins, who has died at the age of 97.

Pinetop, who played with Muddy Waters, will now be renamed PINEBOX PERKINS and will therefore enter the list of the black music performers with the most fucking stupid names.

These include legends, 'Ice' T, 'Ice' Cube, 'Lice' Hair,  'Iced' Asshole, 'Big Black Swinging Dick' Washington, James 'Impotent' Jackson, Sonny 'Can't Get a Boner' Johnston, Caeser 'Big Lips Trumpet Playing' Simon and some twat called Barack 'Balls-Up' Obama. 


Stephen Roney. said...

What about Ian "No Balls/Clue" Gray, Annabelle "No Knickers" Goldie, and Tavish "No fucking idea who is is/looks like/does" Scott?

Not forgetting Patrick "No Hole is Barred/Offlimits", Harvey, David "No Non Etonians in my Cabinet please" Cameron, Nick "No sense of fuckin shame whatsoever principles" Clegg, Ed "NOnentity" Milliband, Prince "NOn Politically Correct" Philip, Prince "No idea WFT he's talking about", Charles, Prinsess "No-one in the right mind would shag that" Anne and Ian "No surrender" Paisley.

Stephen "NOt voting for Scottish Labour, if my fucking life depended
on it" Roney.

Billy said...

Dear Dear Stephen after all that you made a major mistake with Scottish "no such fucking party" Labour.

More like Quisling "English-funded and run through and through" Labour I would say.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stephen, I would hope no regular reader of this blog would be voting Labour, or else my gentle prodding towards the SNP over the last 22 months has been in vain! I am of course not vain enough to think that, people hadn't made up their minds about that before I came on the scene, but you never know! What about Dark 'will be out of the country and will need to get a postal vote' Lochnagar. Funnily enough I was out of the country 4 years ago as well, so maybe it's a good omen!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, yes the Scottish traitors in our midst, as per the sidebar on the blog. The truth shall prevail, brother!