Sunday, 27 March 2011


Red Ed Miliband at cuts march in central London just as the violence started:

"We come in the traditions that have marched in peaceful but powerful protest for justice, fairness and political change," he said.

"The suffragettes who fought for votes for women and won. The civil rights movement in America that fought against racism and won. The anti-apartheid movement that fought the horror of that system and won."
Now whether you think the cuts are too deep and too quick, they are only marginally less than what the prospective Labour Chancellor, Alistair Darling, was proposing before the election.  Is RED ED now claiming that he was not part of the Government that fucked up the British economy by allowing the banking sector a carte blanche to do whatever the fuck they wanted?  

Is he actually comparing a march by Trade Unionits in London to the fight for votes for women, the Civil Rights campaign and the anti-apartheid movement.  What a fuckwit!  At this rate we could get @ElmerGrayFudd as a future Labour Leader!  Aaaaaaargh!


McGonagall said...

The New Tory Party seeks to project an image of a Party of the People, of the marginalized, of the poor and down trodden, instead of what they really are: The Party of the Banksters, Crooks, Spivs and Speculators.

Fuck them - they had the chance and sold out for lucre and gongs. Who but a fool could be deceived by this posturing buffoon.

Dark Lochnagar said...

McGonners, this buffoon, as you describe hi, is in my view the interim leader until the Illuminati think they are in the position to lead another Government, then their own man who is currently in the making will be promoted. I think their candidate was definitely David Miliband out of the 5 twats chosen for the leadership election. They'll move him into a position of world power like the IMF, in time and the march of the Jews and Bankers will continue. Look at the ancestry of the party leaders. Miliband and Clegg, Russian Jewish ancestry and Cameron's were bankers. What fucking chance have we got and these stupid fuckers keep them in power as long as 'Eastenders' is interesting.

Clarinda said...

The other day I wrote somewhere else that a FUD Factor actually exists - it stands for 'Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt'. I suggested the addition of Dreadful to complete the Labour in Scotland variety but another contributor suggested Desperate. Do you have a further proposition?

Billy said...

DL everyone keeps forgeting it is not just Labour letting the banks get away with what they did that is a problem - that as only cost the country £200 billion.

It is the other £4.6 trillion that Labour has run up in debt that is strangling the country into bankruptcy now that is the major problem.

If it was only the £200 billion then it would be easy to deal with but numpties like these Miliband would like you to forget the rest and the other numpties like Gray and Councillor Kelly in the comments to his latest post just do not have a clue anyway.

Dioclese said...

'Alternative' - Hmmmmm. Nice banner. Nice catchphrase but I regret to say that despite extensive searches I till do not have a clue exactly what Red Ed is actually proposing

Dark Lochnagar said...

Clarindas, may I suggest that it may stand for, and you were probably expecting something like this, Fuck U Dildo-headed Dipshits. Or something like that!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, then people wonder why I would like to move to Spain. It's just as fucked up, maybe, but at least it's warm.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Greekers, he is a product of a LSE, commie, Jewish father who's Grandfather fought against his own country for the Red Army. What the fuck do you expect? And this may be old fashioned, but he can't even put a ring on the finger of his childrens' mother.

banned said...

Red Ed as the new Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King? Don't make me laugh.
All he did was talk to Brenda from Accounts and Fred the Smoking Cessation Offcer X 250,000-400,000 (take your pick) who are all self-serving cunts in my book.
I've got a better slogan for you Ed (from an idea by Dioclese at Barking Spider)

"Cut the Cunts till there's no more Cunts to Cut"

I was so happy to see their demo get hijacked by hooligans, at least it diverted the msm from propagandising "Earth Year".

banned said...

(-: Earth Hour

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, where we're they when the expenses scandal broke which showed our political system to be rotten to the core and it still is. It's the new politics, that is, that you don't vote or do things for the best of the country but only as it affects your pocket. What difference does it make anyway, th whole thing is pre-ordained.

bugsbunny said...

DL. Did you do your bit for Earth Hour? I did. I went to bed with a massive headache, took pills and drew the curtains switched off the lights and went to bed. If I knew it was Earth-Hour, I would have did the same except I would have set the alarm for the end of Earth Hour, and in the meantime had all the other lights in the house on full blast.

A load of utter Pish. This idea probably came from some Liberal Democrat/Green Middle class hemp wearing vegan, hash smoking goat fucking yuppie that quaffs down New Zealand Asparagus with South African Tomatoes and South American Cheese without thinking how it got on their politically correct fucking Dinner plates.



bugsbunny said...

FUDD: Fucking Unionist Donkey Dicks.
FUDD: Fiddling Union Dolt Dimwits.
FUDD: Festering Ugly Disaster Diddies.
FUDD: Financially Upset Domestic Domiciles.
FUDD: Forever Underestimating Democratic Decisions.
FUDD: Failures, Untermenchen, Diabolical, Didimen.
FUDD: Fawning Under Dictators Demands.
FUDD: Fucked Us, Don't Deny.


Dark Lochnagar said...

Stephen, Thanks for that info! I didn't even know about Earth Hour. I probably heard and forgot about it quickly. I don't go for that sort of pish, like yourself. They can shove it up their arse and the more they push climate change to more resistant I get!