Tuesday, 1 February 2011


A Foreign Office minister sent Libyan officials detailed legal advice on how to use Abdelbaset al-Megrahi’s cancer diagnosis to ensure he was released from a Scottish prison on compassionate grounds, documents obtained by the Daily Telegraph show.  The Duke of York is also said to have played a behind-the-scenes role in encouraging the terrorist’s release.

The Scottish First Minister said the revelations confirm that while his administration acted according to its public pronouncements on the affair, Tony Blair's Government was behaving duplicitously.  “The cables ... show that the former UK Government were playing false on the issue, with a different public position from their private one,” said a statement released by Mr Salmond's office.

This release of WikiLeak material shows finally that the Scottish Government's release of Megrahi was done only on the grounds stated, i.e. that it was for humanitarian reasons only.  Those prick Senators in the US, should now apologise to the people of Scotland for casting a slur on it's people and it's Government.


Anonymous said...

Well said.

McGonagall said...

The Scotsman's attempt to spin this story to suggest the Scottish Government were somehow complicit in Westminster's sleaze is infuriating.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

lying snp scum

Mrs Cohen attacked the Scottish Government's request for families of the victims to contribute in the lead-up to the decision, noting that the new documents suggest ministers had already made up their mind to approve Megrahi's return home

How cruel that was to put the families through that,”

Alex Salmond proven liar liar liar

The minute of the meeting with the Americans records: “Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond told Jack Straw that 'he 'will make the final decision in this case


both a disgusting lie and a illegal act of criminal deception

Alex Salmond liar

Anonymous said...

I think anyone with an ounce of sense could extrapolate and say the decision wouldn't only be taken by McAskill or Salmond, it would be discussed; advice would be sought from legal people. Its a bit disengenuous to call Salmond or any one else a liar when everyone (with a brain) knows this is how political decisions work. You can't drop (or pick up) that fact to suit your argument.

As to the Scotsman and other sources.

"Hello? Its the FCO here, is that the Scottish Government?"
"Aye, what can we do for you?"
"Well, its about your compassionate release scheme for seriously ill prisoners; can you give us some information?"
"Ummm, why not?"
"If we tell you then the press might say we gave you information that was a secret in a meeting that was also secret even although the info is in the public domain and anyone wishing to know it would logically call the Scottish Government about it."
"So, will you tell us?"
"Can I speak to you supervisor?"

Its a totally illogical position but it'll no doubt be lapped up by all and sundry.



Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, thank you. The balance has to be made against the lying Unionit scum, (That's you and the Scotsman, Niko).

Dark Lochnagar said...

McGonners, it's no wonder it's going down the tubes faster than a lump of shite down the sheugh in a flood.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Niko, it is this type unbalanced comment that makes you a hated man and one barred from many blogs. However, I am not going to bar you in the hope that you can actually read the blogpost before you come up with this traitorous to Scotland shite. You may even in time learn to make a reasoned and argued comment.

Yours faithfully

Lord Dark of Lochnagar

Dark Lochnagar said...

PaBroon,Welcome to the blog. An excellent comment and I thank you for it, so different to the Greek twat above you.

We all know that there had to be some contact between Holyrood and Westminster, but I was hoping that the Scottish Government's decision was taken for the reasons, ultimately, that they stated and this would seem to be the case.

Joe Public said...

Was Bill Rammell the Foreign Office minister who sent Libyan officials detailed legal advice, the same Bill Rammell who twice in an interview on Today 2/9/09, stated the (then) Labour government "would not and could not" intervene in the Lockerbie bomber decision?

Could it be the same Bill Rammell who on 30 consecutive occasions signed off his expenses as 'wholly, necessarily & exclusively' for Parliamentary business, when they weren't?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Publes, yes that's the fucker. Another one who should get strung up never mind jailed. If these pricks want to go into politics for what they can get, we should pull them down and insist on better behaviour from our masters. I'm becoming an anarchist!

Anonymous said...

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