Friday, 11 February 2011


Alex Salmond would prefer to lead another minority government rather than enter into a coalition deal if this May's Holyrood elections result in a hung parliament.
Speaking on Newsnight Scotland, the first minister said he would not rule out joining a coalition but that would not be his first choice.
He said he felt his minority government had "proved itself".

A minority Government to some extent has been good for Scotland, much better than a coalition.  If only, the fucking numpties in the the Labour party, could actually enter into the Government of Scotland, by contributing to the budget as do the Tories and the Libdums, instead of acting like a bunch of overexcited  schoolboys on their first date, the Governance of Scotland could be more of an adult affair.  The thought of that prick, Gray, being first minister is enough to make a good proportion of Scots,  move to England.


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


Everything the Nationalist say and do
is laden with the unspoken realisation they are not going to win the next election...HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY.

If there ever was (God save us from it) another snp minority Government it wont be led by old fat guts Salmond....

he will while away his days down at the bookies and watch on tv Nicola doing the business

while that tub of lard can figger out who will win the 3.15 at Ayr.

Hmm! wonder if he would give me a red hot tip???

bugsbunny said...

I was wondering. If the SNP cannot win an overall majority, what would be better for the future of an independent Scotland. Another Minority SNP Government, even with an increased majority? or a coalition of Labour, Tory, Liberal Greens ect? Whoever wins would have to implicate Westminster cuts. Whatever you may think about them DL, a lot of people will be really pissed off, and whoever is the Scottish Opposition will pick up plenty of pissed off voters votes in May 2015, which is the same day as (the now fixed) Westminster Elections. Any thoughts on this?


Dark Lochnagar said...

Niko, as I was bringing up the comments, I mused to myself, "I bet Niko will be all over this" and I'm glad to say you didn't disappoint. Now, I know you are not all that taken with the SNP, but you seriously can't want that Murphy fuckbucket, Gray to be FM. Fuck, I would rather have McLeish. That's Alec not Henry. The SNP are not the ones who are approaching the election as if they have won it already, that's Labour and that's why the SNP will win it, because activist will be out and indeed have been out already pulling the vote in. I'm proud to say, I played my part.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stephen, it would be a good election to lose for the SNP. The problem might be if the economy recovers and then Labour would take the credit for it, standing as the great white hope against London cuts, even if it came from Westminster. On the other hand it may be seen that Labour as the London arse licking fuckers that they are can't defend Scotland against a hostile British Government and independence would be within grasp.. I do think however, that the SNP have done a good job as a MINORITY GOVERNMENT and would certainly deserve a second chance with an overall majority. People know what they will get from Labour, fuck all, as they've given the people of Glasgow who have voted for them for 60 years.

Lorraine said...

Niko said..

" Hmm! wonder if he would give me a red hot tip???"

Aye. Right up your well fucked arse you little shit.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Lorraine, welcome to the blog. On the assumption that you are a female person could I just say that your comments will be welcome as we need more of a female perspective on this blog and going by your comment, you'll fit in just fine! :))

Lorraine said...

Thanks DL. That's very kind of you to say. I often find that my female charm allows me a bit more leeway.
I've seen Niko the cocksniffer hanging about other blogs like the fuckin nonce that he is and although I appreciate that he's just doing what he's paid to do it still gets my goat.
Although I'm sad about the world he inhabits ( getting his ring stretched by a big brute at Leith docks in between taking his orders from rimmer central ( BBC/ Scottish Labour) i still hate the little cunt.
Pardon my French . Been out with my beau tonight and gota bit tipsy lol

Dark Lochnagar said...

Lorraine, any language you want to use is entirely up to you, I've been known to sweer a wee bit myself.

Yes, Niko hangs about on that shite rag the Hootsman as well, but as you say it's what he's is paid to do, I'm just a volunteer! Gray will stretch his ring on a regular basis. I wish I could dig something sexual up on that cunt.

Lorraine said...

Oops I had a few too many sherries last night ( was fun though ;) ).
I've got no evidence to back up my crude assertions about Niko but he does seem to rant mainly during office hours only and seems unduly interested in pro SNP blogs. I'm not sure why he doesn't scuttle off to his own side and stay there if he hates us so much. His clinging around like a bad smell is suspicious.
Feel free to delete my foul rant if you wish.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Lorraine, I wouldn't dream of deleting your comments. No comments are ever moderated on this site. I leave them to fester like Niko's in the midday sun! :0)

He is an annoying little turd and if he even had anything of relevance to say you might engage with him more, because I like to have different strands of opinion, (and genders :) ) on here, to give us a better blend of discussion.