Sunday, 6 February 2011


There he stands, like a visionary, almost with a halo round his head.  His Union Flag badge on his lapel, as he tells us that the Coalition will be cracking down on immigration and protecting womens' rights, by withdrawing funding to organisations who don't treat women as equal citizens. 

 FUCKING BOLLOCKS!  The usual piece of NWO, shite for the sheeple.  Anyone who believes him is seriously deluded.  Thanks be to Allah that most of us on the blogosphere  have more sense.  While we're on the subject, I noticed the following quote from some Muslim brother:

But his remarks have already infuriated Muslim groups.They accused Mr Cameron of placing an  unfair onus on minority communities to integrate, while failing to emphasise how the wider community can help immigrants feel more welcome in Britain.

Well, brother Abdul, it's not for us to help immigrants, to integrate.  If you're not willing to become involved and take part in British Culture, don't come. 


lucky old bastard said...

It's all a bit academic now. Demographics and the ECHR will ensure the fuzzy wuzzies eventually take control.
Thankfully I will be dead and gone by then.

Barking Spider said...

Yet again it's a case of "Tell us something we don't know, Dave, you slimy, Europhile cunt!

McGonagall said...

As above ...

Dark Lochnagar said...

Old Bastard, fortunately neither will I and as my seed has been unproductive, to the best of my knowledge, my line ends with me.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Spidey, Right.

Dark Lochnagar said...

McGonners, as above.

banned said...

I feel that Barking Spider nuanced a reflective response.

Who the fuck is Cameron to dictate what exactly defines "Britishness" and thus who will or will not recieve largesse from The State because for one thing much of the "equality" shite he took over from that Harman (Kkkrazy Kunt) woman is complete and utter bollox, a social construct of very recent years and sweet fuck all to do with my concept of Britishness.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


Apparently there is a FATWHA out on you...........and you will never ever get served in a Kebab shop again....wee shame!

Anonymous said...


You're absolutely correct in that anyone who believes him, or any politician for that matter, is seriously deluded.
The main concept of Islam is to promote Islam and therefore anyone who disagrees with Islamic concept automatically will get their backs up. More so, Islam is 100% unaware that they're here for a purpose, but that purpose most certainly isn't to spread Islamic belief. You know that the purpose for Islamic migration into the west is to not only destroy cultures here but also to create more anger against Islam.

However, on saying that what is British culure anyway? When you think about it, there is nothing whatsoever in our daily lives we do that differentiates us between our European neighbours. For example we like to drink and so do all Europeans. We all watch TV and films and so do Europeans. What within our own cultures do we do that's different to those in Europe, apart that is from speaking a different language? What is it to be Scottish, English, Irish or Welsh now when all cultures have been heavily diluted with US culture? The nation's favourite food is curry (Indian) and fish and chips (Jewish).

More so, let's look at the bigger picture and see that the only indigenous people really in the UK are the Celts of Scotland, Wales and Cornwall because the English (Angles) are from Germany, who battled the Normans (also from Germany) and lost England in 1066.
So it's really been about the Germans bashing the Celts and when there were no more Celts to bash they started bashing one another.

What is British culture DL? The more I look at youngsters today, they all look no different to their American cousins, white and black.
How often, for example, do Scottish people go to a Ceilidh and sing folk tunes? We can say the same for traditions in England, Wales and Ireland that are also no longer practiced. It's these traditions which make up a culture DL. To be Scottish does not mean one is simply born in Scotland. An African born in Scotland is still an African who if educated here will certainly pick up a Scottish regional dialect. To be Scottish means to be of the Scots. To be English means to be of the Angles. And while watching the rugby yesterday I saw they had their first black player, Joe Ansbro, who is an African, although if he is mixed race with Scottish ancestry then he can call himself Scottish.

The point is DL that there isn't an indigenous culture anymore within the UK. It's dead and long gone. Immigration to it as well as US MSM being pumped out of radios, televisions and cinemas has done wonders to obliterate cultures. Therefore simply put DL, to be born in Scotland, England, Ireland or Wales makes you Scottish, English, Irish and Welsh, even though you are probably most certainly not. If a labrador is born amongst Jack Russels, does it therefore make it a Jack Russell? I think not.

UK culture is dead. The culture all of us live by is a globalist one. Of course I never wanted to admit it, but I can't help it. There is no indigenous culture in the UK anymore and sad to say, Muslims can quite happily say that Islam is very much part of UK culture as it's nothing but a mish mash (through constant migration) of other cultures.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, get you! You are right to ask what the fuck it's got to do with Cameron what Britishness is. The Tories think just because they wrap themselves in the Union Flag, they are the only fuckers here that are British, in that you have to vote Tory to be British.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Niko, fortunately I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of kebabs, I've eaten. I somehow didn't fancy all that meat hanging up there with the flies buzzing round and landing on it when the flames were off. And as I now have a superfit body, I would rather shove a pineapple up my arse than eat a kebab. Well, maybe not!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, Hi. I hope things are good with you.

We've had this discussion a few times over the last few months and I too feel as if we're getting swamped and we live in Scotland where immigration at the moment isn't too serious an issue. Mind you in saying that, there are 5 shops in my wee village, one a curry house and the other a paki grocer. Now don't get me wrong, they're both nice enough guys if you trade with them, which I no longer do with the curry house, but the point is that there is nothing wrong with some good Scotto-Italiano Fish and Chips if you're too fucking lazy to make your own food. But when the Italians came here to Scotland at least they integrated, although keeping some of their own traditions. But what White Scottish person socialises with Muslims? That is the stuff of TV comedy and we know who is involved in writing and producing that.

Anonymous said...


I'm not so sure if we'll see the immigrant flood into Scotland as we have England. I do think however that Scotland is going to turn into one big Emmerdale Farm, where wealthy Chinese and Russian Oligarchs will simply buy most of Scotland, build their castles and become lords of the land again as was in the past. Feudalism is set to return.

However, you still haven't answered my question: What today can really be described as British culture? Of course I can break that down into separate nations within, but ask yourself the question, what do British people do differently from Americans, Europeans and South Americans for example that's any different, apart that is from getting shitfaced on a regular occurrence, which the aforementioned don't really partake in?

The point I was trying to make in my last reply to you DL was that going to the ceilidh, singing old Scottish folk tunes, or dancing around the Maypole in a Morris dancing outfit is only practiced by a select few which although traditional Scottish and English culture, it can no longer be called Scottish/English culture because the majority of people within society are now globalists, that is people who no longer see or understand nationality and generally behave exactly the same as one another, albeit with a different dialect/language.

The culture that now prevails within the west is a US one. Being battered silly for the last 60 years with Hollywood and music from the USA, is it any wonder that our society is as it is? For example I was reading in the paper the other day that the Cockney accent isn't dead, it's just moved to Essex and Sussex and the upper classes. I mean, what a complete and utter pile of pish. There are very few real cockneys left in society because one is defined cockney as having been born within the sound of the Bowbells of St Mary-le-Bow church in Cheapside, City of London - central east.


What culture there was in the UK has gone and if we classify a culture as that being practiced by the majority then it's 100% safe to say that within the four respected lands that make up the UK, traditional British culture, that which defined Britishness no longer is. As I said in my previous article, one cannot be an angle by being born in England or a Scot being born in Scotland. It goes far deeper than that and for people to not respect the semantics, literally means they haven't got a clue what they're blithering on about.

There is no longer a prevailing British culture anymore DL. 60 years of socialist brainwashing, courtesy of the Fabian Socialists and Frankfurt Marxists has seen an end to individual culture and soon to be individuality. You simply cannot expect to live within a society and promote your own culture when immigration is so high. This was and always has been the poison that's killed culture. Create a melting pot and you destroy that which is. You can't get any simpler than that.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I agree with you. I don't see any way 'Scottish' culture can prevail except maybe in the Western Isles if some Gaelic can still be used and the existing ways of their ancestors can be maintained.

It's a very sad state of affairs and I don't see any way things can be changed. We do live in a Global world and we may have to re-define the ways we think of being Scottish. I am well aware of your dog analogy, but does being born in the country give anyone rights as to nationality? We may have to have two different types of Scots. Those who can trace their ancestors back in time as being Scots and those who have settled here and made Scotland their home and would consider themselves Scots. There are still many people, (mostly English), who are immigrants here but like to try and keep 'traditional' Scots customs going. Some of the most enthusistic adherents at Burns Suppers are not what I would call, 'Scots'. But there you go.

I must admit I've always thought to a certain extent that someone born in Scotland has the right to say they are Scottish. If I was born in China for instance, I would consider myself Chinese but of a Scottish diaspora. If I settled in Australia and had family there I would support Australia if they were playing Scotland. I think you probably belong to the country where you settle, if, most importantly, you don't try and force your culture on that country, but instead adopt the host culture. Even though we are Globalists, some differenece exists between an Australian and a Scot although, 100 years ago, they might have had the same ancestors.