Thursday, 13 January 2011


Ministers were branded 'heartless' last night for pension cuts that will cost retired servicemen and war widows hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Defence Secretary Liam Fox was blasted over the coalition Government's controversial decision to link all public-sector pensions and benefits to the Consumer Price Index instead of the higher Retail Price Index.

Changes introduced in the last Budget mean, for instance, that a 27-year-old corporal who lost both his legs in a bomb blast in Afghanistan would miss out on more than £500,000 over his lifetime.  And the 34-year-old wife of a staff sergeant killed in Afghanistan would lose almost £750,000 as a result of the changes.
So there you are.  Some poor deluded twat who was led to believe that joining the army and serving your country's interests, was 'being the best'.  Now here you are 5 years later, having lost both legs in an IED in Afghanistan, a war fought like all 'wars' not as you were led to believe to stop the Muslim hordes at the door but rather to serve the interests of big business in building a gas pipeline.
So, after all the pats on the back from your mates and their congratulations about your heroism, you begin to realise the reality of the situation.  Your legs are blown off, probably along with your bollocks.  Your chances of getting a bird or even sustaining your current relationship are slim in the extreme.  Are you going to get a job?  You doubt it, because all you were before was a brickie and what use is a brickie with no legs?  Are the calls from the army getting less frequent?  Of course, but they're very busy people.  But at least your country, who you nearly gave your life for, values you.  Oh, maybe not?  Would you do it all again?  Aye, that'll be fucking right!


Anonymous said...


You would think that with this latest piece of information from politicians people would wise up to reality wouldn't you? But DL, they won't, for you see our society has been carefully constructed to get to where we are today, that is a people who only complain about things when IT HAPPENS DIRECTLY TO THEM. So, sure, Johnny next door went off to Iraq to serve for Queen and country, came back with no legs and really do you care? Do people really care?

As you said we are led to believe that the Muslim hordes are waiting at the gates in order to destroy us, so we send our young off to foreign lands, bring them up on violent video games and promote an armed forces that tells you to 'be the best' and learn a trade but most certainly doesn't promote mass maiming and death, not forgetting the a very high chance of being completely fucked up in the head from chemical warfare and of course realising your blowing people up!

I know Subrosa will disagree with me, but my attitude to soldiers is "so ye shall sew..." They're not there for me. On the contrary I'm vehemently against any military action in foreign lands, that don't pose a direct threat to us and anyone awake knows THERE IS NO COUNTRY that poses a threat to us. There are people however who pose a serious threat to us and these are the wankers controlling society and telling people to join up and fight in foreign lands. It is the Liam Fox's who are the problem. Soldiers sadly deserve everything they get. If they want to be sheep and run headfirst into situations that can cause serious problems for them then that's their problem. It's a case that with them, they're constantly not just shoving their hands into the fire, but themselves and still wondering why in the fuck they get burned? Until people understand that we don't need armed forces today, nothing will change. Until people realise that there is no conflict really between people of other lands and cultures and that all wars have been created by the elites, in order to destroy population and keep themselves in power longer, with less people to control under them that pose a threat to their rule, nothing will change.
Sure we have situations of conflicting cultures, that's 100% natural. The answer is a simple one - natural borders. Keep the Muslim in Islamic lands and let them know that we're unable to live together due to cultural differences and we'll stay out of their lands and want them to do the same to us.

However, guaranteed the likes of Liam Fox won't be taking a cut in their salaries will they? Really DL, I no longer really care about stories like this anymore for the simple reason that all one has to do is pick up the paper to see that the public are being shafted by the elites and they really don't care. No point in complaining when you've no intention of sorting the problem out and still continuing to elect the same individuals who are making your life a misery. Politics is bad for society, but people never learn. If you don't learn you can't ever have wisdom and thus bring about change. This is the reality.

Toni said...

I remember having an argument with a marine in a bar in Bangkok about the compensation issue. My view was, perhaps unreasonably, that if you sign up to do a job and you take money for it, don't expect compensation for a work related injury. He countered with the old best of the best argument that British soldiers are highly trained professionals and after all I could never do what he does. I couldn't help reminding him that in World War two, your suitability for being a soldier was very much relegated to having men on the line and that if the government had had to compensate everyone who suffered an injury or got post traumatic stress in WW2 the economy would be a lot worse than it is now. My father was one of the last age groups that had to do military service, did he want to - did he fuck. He told me that on the way home from his job one day he say a friend of his getting arrested for trying to dodge the conscription and he worked out that this guy was 3 names ahead of him on the school register so no doubt they would be paying him a visit soon. He joined the RAF the next day.

Wonder if I can claim money from the banks that I worked for for my alcohol addiction? My doctor has said it was a stressful job, surely in todays compensation culture I must be entitled.

Toni said...

By the way DL, on the subject of the military did you see Gates thawing his attitude to China the other day. Looks like the yanks are preparing to abandon their support of Taiwan after accepting the inevitability of reunification, (and I am sure the testing of the latest Chinese stealth fighter). Makes you wonder how long the Americans would have supported us if the cold war had ever become a reality. America proves once again that it is a fair weather friend and is more than happy to ditch long standing ties for economic gains.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I agree with what you say except I would have more sympathy with the soldiers. I don't think that many of them have the brains to actually sit down and work out why they are in foreign lands. To them it is a career, particularly for the officers, who can let's face it retire with decent pensions if they get some rank and managed to keep their bollox intact. I don't believe as I seaid in the post that Afghanistan and Iraq pose any threat to us, but possibly to our friends the Israelis and that along with oil and gas is the reason we are there. As you say keep them here to guard our borders and then they can hunt down half of these cunts that shouldn't be here in any case and send them home and fuck the EU, BTW!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Antonio, yes they always come up with this, you couldn't do it shite. I remember being in a bar in Athens in about the late nineties and telling this big buck nigger Yank, GI that I had been in the Falklands.Fuck me, he bought me drink all night. however when he asked if it was OK to dance with my wife, the relationship was over!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Antonio, exactly. The US know that their power is waning and they are trying to hold onto it. Slightly o/t, did you see that car sales went up by 30% in China last year. Can you imagine what that is going to do for fuel supply and price?