Thursday, 6 January 2011


MPs' Chairman-little smiling, shitey Bercow

MPs are to win back thousands of pounds in expenses entitlements after the watchdog in charge of policing claims announced plans to relax the rules. 
The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority shocked anti-sleaze campaigners by bowing to MPs’ complaints and vowing to axe the strict regime introduced after the Westminster expenses scandal.

IPSA called for yet another new system, under which MPs will be trusted to tell the truth – a plan likely to be met with anger by taxpayers.

MPs could even be allowed to ‘redact’ or black out information on forms, making it less likely that the public and auditors will spot nefarious claims.  In addition, up to 100 MPs banned from receiving expenses for a second home are set to win a reprieve.

The country will be up in arms about this.  well at least those of us who have space left in our heads after programmes like 'Eastenders' and 'The X Factor' fill most of our populations' heads with shite.  But, I don't suppose we should have been surprised!  The politicians have been robbing us blind for years and after all they are well up the Establishment tower.  While they cheat and rob us and take bribes and handouts in the way of cushy, one day a week jobs, with some defense contractor or a bank, paying in excess of £100k per year, we, their EMPLOYERS, are taxed out of existence, at least those of us who still have jobs.

As I've been saying recently and I never thought I would become an anarchist at my age, the only way to frighten these bastards, is to get out on the streets and to keep on doing it, until things change.  If that involves deaths, either at the hands of the Police or the protesters, then so be it.  The Police have to realize that they are on the same side as us not the politicians.  In watching programmes about early civilizations you realize that this is not a new problem and has been going on throughout history.  We in this country have been ruled by an Establishment for far too long and it's time we took power back into our own hands.  They rob us blind and keep us as wage slaves and then give us a fucking Royal wedding to distract us, at least those Royal, arse-licking sycophants.

If we let them away with it again, we deserve all the shite we get.


Thingymajigg said...

Well said mate. It's about time we fucked these politicians over instead of letting them get away with what they do!

Down in the smoke said...

What we need is a masked avenger, or vigilante, willing to track down the guilty, and dispense instant and terrible justice. That'll get the attention of the apathetic masses, especially if he wears his pants outside, and looks like Tom Cruise.

Do you feel lucky?