Monday, 3 January 2011


Forces across England and Wales have amassed data, including age and ethnicity, on law-abiding citizens who dial 999 or non-emergency numbers to report concerns or pass on information.  
The senior police officer in charge of the issue admitted the details recorded could later be used against the caller including even an "amicable exchange of information".

The practice last night reignited concerns over the growth of the surveillance state and level and use of information stored on innocent members of the public.

Just goes to prove that those of you who still think you live in a democracy, with the village 'Bobby', like something out of 'Dixon of Dock Green', (for those of you old enough to remember that), are demented.  The Internet has two sides to it.  It makes the ability to share information much easier, (but of course that will be censored anytime now), and on the other hand it makes the State's control all the more vice like.



Anonymous said...

Hi DL and a happy New Year to you.

The problem with society IS democracy. Democracy in itself is a joke, because it makes people believe that they have choice, that is to choose those people whom they wish to represent them. More so in a democracy DL those on 51% beat those on 49%, thus in a society that's letting in differnt cultures all the time it thus spells the future obliteration of our own, when one, that has a far higher birthrate eventually takes over on size to the indigenous.

The best way around for any society is a simple one:


In order to get around a one would set about a constitution that dictates society in terms of common law. People would abide by these 'terms' and those who didn't would be breaking the law.

This would take us to point b in which those guilty of breaking the terms of the constitution of that land would defend themselves in a court, where the elders of that society would be present as well as the public and jury, all educated in common law from school onwards, thus meaning no profiteering as a lawyer.

And as for c, well, all people would be educated in martial arts not forgetting the freedom to carry a weapon to defend themselves with. We have seen that the police are nothing but personal security for the elites to protect them and worse still their enforcers over the general public, as they more and more remove common law in favour of civil law, the law for profit.

In a nutshell our country and culture but moreso our liberties and freedoms are being destroyed by armies of lawyers, backed up by judges all protected by police. Unless something is done to remove this situation then we can kiss goodbye to any liberty we may think we have. Look at politics today DL and you'll find that the majority of those who fill the ranks are all fucking lawyers.

It's high time people started taking personal responsibility for their own actions and started to govern themselves. Central government is nothing but people high up in their echelon towers, looking down and seeing ants, unable to even comprehend reality as they're so far from it.

Remove all government.
Remove all lawyers and judiciary.
Remove all police.

And people will say you'd have chaos. You would, for a time, but then people would soon start realising that if you want to live in a society then you'd better start learning to get along with one another or you may end up picking a fight with someone far more capable at defending themselves than you, with no police to come and save you from a battering and no judicial system to protect you for your aggressive attitude, which today turn victims into criminals and criminals into victims.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, Happy New Year! I'm glad you made it to the other side. I was going to nip up to Dundee to buy you a pint. You were concerning me.

Anyway, I agree with most of what you say with some reservations. Due to archaic voting system that we have, we don't ever get to the point where a 51/49 split is possible. Minority Governments like we have in Scotland are the way ahead, if we have to have National Government to handle National issues like defence. That way one party doesn't ride roughshod over the rest and have to come up with policies that are acceptable to all. That's why I wish the Tories had led a minority Government.

Common Law is good enough for me and a bonfire of Lawyers would be good enough for me. Most of them only do house conveyancing anyway. It's really Barristers and Defence lawyers we want to get shot of. Of course these wise elders would want to be compensated for their time, so they would become paid elders, so the problem would continue. You could of course limit their compensation. Mind you where you're going to find 'wise' elders in Dundee, could be a problem!

I think we would still have to have some sort of National Government to handle, as I said issues like National Defence and immigration, but I would prefer to see them closer to the people like in Iceland and would anticipate an independent Scotland would fill the requirements.

The police is a difficult one. I think that would bred a violent breed of criminals who because they are harder than anyone else locally would rule by force. Who is there to protect the vulnerable? That is how centuries ago the Robber Baron evolved, like the Duke of Lancaster, who Royalty forfeited the Duchy of Lancaster from. I've got to admit I'm a bit iffy about that one.

Anonymous said...


There's no need to be concerned about me in the slightest. I have most certainly not lost my mind, far from it, I've regained it!

If we have a constitution and a set of laws to be ruled by then we DON'T NEED RULERS! If you break them you face the penalty, that simple. And when I speak of law I mean common law, none of the civil law bollox law for profit.

As for elders in Dundee, well I know quite a few intelligent old blokes, not brainwashed by the MSM and celebrity culture.

As for the police well, maybe I'm further down the rabbit hole, but they are not, nor have they ever been there for the people, but instead protectors of the elite. It's always been this way.

As for gangs, well, you just remove them. It's that simple if you know what you're doing. If everyone is armed a person is going to think twice about taking on another whom they know not only to be armed but more than capable in hand to hand combat. More so the police are not there as your bodyguards. Look at a simple scenario here. The police today may arrest a criminal who when they get out comes straight for the person who put them inside. The problem has merely been postponed. However a bullet in that person's head ensures that he will never cause you nor your family harm ever again. In the meantime thousands upon thousands of lawyers continue to profit on criminality. The whole system is corrupt and needs to be removed. This was how it used to be done, that is before the control mechanism came into place. I don't see the police as a public help at all, merely tax collectors for their bosses to the overall detriment of the people whom 'we are told' they serve. Absolute bollox!

Anonymous said...

I did reply to you but it must be in the spam again - lol!

Anyway, I forgot to add DL that it was a very kind thought that you should want to come up and buy me a pint. It's much appreciated. I'll come down some time and say hello though most certainly and we can peruse over certain things here and there. It would be a real pleasure I'm sure. I'm going to meet FugaziQuo soon for a chat. I'd like to meet face to face with some of the bloggers I've come across. In fact a blogger convention would be great. LOL

All the best DL and thanks again for your concern. I'm not losing it or going ballistic, just putting things into perspective and critically thinking as I do most of the time. I'm most certainly not going to lie down while the NWO 'try' to steamroll over me. Too much resilience in the blood I'm afraid.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I would fucking hope not. There was or is a convention thing planned for Edinburgh at some point that I was invited to along with at least I know Subrosa, but it seem to commercial to me with speakers on blogging etc. No, more what we want is a pub somewhere, where all of us could meet and have a blaw. Mind you, we'd need to keep it on the QT, or our friends from the authorities would be monitoring it.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, it was in spam as you can now see. I don't know why that happens. I agree that lawyers are a definite problem and in most cases wouldn't be needed and the same goes for judges who in my only experience of one, (in a civil matter), was so far out of touch it wasn't real. The same goes for Barristers. They get paid a fortune for fuck all. I employed one once in another civil case which cost £2000 per day and he was just a junior barrister and he was fucking hopeless.