Monday, 8 November 2010


Farmers are being offered up to £50,000 a year to fill fields with solar panels under a Government-backed green initiative that threatens to change the face of the British countryside.
More than 100 planning applications have been submitted and work on a large-scale installation in Wiltshire is due to begin later this month. 
But with a 30-acre farm able to accommodate up to 18,000 of the 2ft-high
panels, campaigners fear some rural areas could be submerged by a sea of black silicon slabs.
A place in the sun: Farmers are being offered up to £50,000 a year to fill fields with solar panels

Is it just me, but it seems strange, ecologically speaking to fill fields with solar panels made in China and Germany and then import food from all corners of the world by plane.  Is that not against some sort of 'climate change' directive, or is it just another small part of this vast EU operation to make this country and the rest of Europe totally unproductive in comparison to China and the emerging third world economies?

What happens when, as it will one day, the oil runs out?  We will find that most of our agricultural land in this country is unproductive due to being poisoned for years by fertilizers, which will no longer be available due to the fact they are made out of oil.  When that day comes, we will have to revert to actually growing food locally, not filling fields with fucking solar panels.  The only consolation is that, in Scotland, they'll be a complete waste of time!


banned said...

Same law of unintended consequences that saw the third world starve as vast tracts of cultivated land went to fuel crops and much of England covered in rape-seed to prove "ethical" bio fuel.

"More than 100 planning applications have been submitted ". Not surprising really, these will mostly be from scam merchants and con artists who see the money pile labelled "subsidised solar panels"; the same crowd who made a fucking mint when "training" was recently fashionable.
Labour gave £105m to the Security Industry Authority to provide 'training' for door-staff but no-one within the Bouncing Community has seen any of it.

Why wiltshire which is green and lovely, why not shit-holes like Wigan or Wales?

subrosa said...

Haven't Germany stopped building massive areas of solar panels DL because they don't do what it says on the tin?

As banned says, all these countries who have discovered these things to be useless are coming here. Follow the money.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I see there will no wheat exports from Russia again this year. We are becoming more and more dependent on imports when we used to be self sufficient in food and there is certainly no reason why we can't be again. If it wasn't for supermarkets importing fucking strawberries from Peru, which are as hard as a whores's heart, to boost their profits, people would eat they way they used to, with regard as to what was in season in this country. All these fucking celebrity chiefs are just as bad with their pish talk about dinner parties. Do you ever see that, 'Bargain Hunt' when that fucking fat welsh poof is on it and every time he sees a silver dish he says, 'it would make a good dish for sweet meats or little bonbons'! What the fuck is he talking about. Prick!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, Absolutely correct, the money has run out in Germany and now it's our turn to hand out the largesse. When are we going to get a government in this country with even a modicum of decency which will move us away from this madness or at least slow it down, but I suppose their real masters, the Bankers wouldn't appreciate that. I see we've been told by the EU, we've to take in another 20,000 Indians, I presume from the sub-continent and not the red variety, sorry native Americans!

bugsbunny said...

DL. Did you see that George Galloway is to stand in the Scottish Elections in May. Wonder how many halfwits with vote for this Fucktard? Bet you he will defect back to Labour after he is elected, (which he probably will), from Respect, like that other Fucktard Ken Livington. This man is pure poison.


Anonymous said...

Solar panel is Britain. lol. What a waste of money. What next? Does this soak up any residual light, or only direct sunlight? I've been wondering, is this Global Warming for real, or is it another money making/tax raising scam? Now they are saying last years very cold winter is a sign of global warming. Apparently the melting Arctic icecaps divert the warm currents south, thus driving the North West of Europe to the same conditions as similar Latitudes like Newfoundland/Labrador. As I say, they've got an answer to everything.


Dark Lochnagar said...

Stephen, I agree he is a wanker, but probably not any more of a wanker than some of those fuckers that are in the Labour ranks already. In particular, I'm thinking of that wee prick who sits behind Gray, who would appear either to have no teeth or the fucking worst set of wallies, I have ever seen
George Galloway, is a fuckpig, of that there can be no doubt, but I think it's important in the Scottish Parliament to have as wide a range of opinions and personalities as possible. What we don't want is party placemen like we get at Westminster, because hopefully Holyrood will be closer to the people and I think there are encouraging signs in that respect already.

banned said...

DL "Do you ever see that, 'Bargain Hunt' " No, I don't watch telly and from what you describe it's just as well!

Without wishing to be picky I think you will find that this country has not been self sufficient in food for well over 100 years; the nearest we got to it was our trading arrangement with the'Old Empire' (Canada, Oz & NZ) but we abandoned that (and them) when we were conned into joining the EvilEUSSR by dead traitor cunt E.Heath.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, yes but it wouldn't take too much work to be self sufficient in food, however that's never going to happen when we keep on having millions poring in through integration because obviously the fuckers have to eat something and you're right, we're probably pass the point of self sufficiency and when the food riots start, as start they will, we'll see how many fucking curries that 'Taj Mahal restaurant' can produce! Not all stuff on TV is shite, although most of it is, but obviously you've got to see through it. Programmes like 'Bargain Hunt' are ones where you can switch off as opposed to the ones like 'Question Time' where you can argue with the comments and use Tatter interactively.

banned said...

I find most of the good stuff on t'internet and before cunts start moaning about 'illegal downloads' if it's REALLY good I'll buy it off Amazon.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, it's only another form of information. If you don't watch the pish like soaps and reality shows some of it can be educational if you mange to filter out the shite.

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