Sunday, 17 October 2010


Three peers who were investigated over their expenses claims face lengthy suspensions from the House of Lords and the repayment of tens of thousands of pounds to the taxpayer, The Sunday Telegraph has learned.
Lord Paul , Baroness Uddin and Lord Bhatia, CHEATING FUCKERS!
The trio – two Labour peers and a cross-bencher – are expected to be officially recommended for censure in a statement tomorrow by the House of Lords authorities.
Baroness Uddin, a Labour peer and the first Muslim woman to be appointed to the upper house, is set to be suspended from the Lords for between a year and 18 months, and has agreed to pay back £125,000 in wrongly claimed expenses.
Lord Paul, another Labour peer and a major party donor, has been recommended for a suspension of between four and six months and has agreed to pay back £40,000.
Lord Bhatia, who sits as a cross-bencher but has also donated money to Labour, faces a ban of between six and 12 months and is to repay voluntarily £27,000.
It shouldn't be a matter of suspension, UNLESS IT'S FROM THE END OF A ROPE, for any Noble Lord or Right Honourable MP.  They should be prosecuted by the law and if found guilty jailed for a substantial length of time.  If anyone was found to be fiddling their benefits to this extent, they would be expecting a stay at her Majesty's pleasure.
For this trio, there is no excuse, unlike the benefit fiddler who might be needing the money for food,  because they are some of the richest people in the country.  Lord Paul, for instance is the 88th richest man in Britain.
They should have known better, they didn't need the money, jail the fuckers AND TAKE BACK THEIR ENNOBLEMENT .  End of story. 


Billy said...

DL - All it needs is for someone to report them to the police. The evidence is there, that is why they are being suspended, so the police do not have much work to do.

Why are they being allowed to return - they are crooks!

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Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, I don't know what the problem is either. Some stupid wee lassie will have her boyfriend stay with her a couple of nights a week and get done and these bastards, who don't need the money, get away with it. I never liked that fucker Adams along with many of her breed and it doesn't surprise me she's on the fiddle.

Anonymous said...

I just don't see why they are getting their fingers smacked when a few of their mates in the other place might go to prison.

Surely it can't be that the aristocracy is above the law?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, the aristocracy is above the law? A bunch of thieving bastards who should be locked up, sharpish. It's a fucking disgrace.

marjone said...

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