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THE Scottish Government is to make almost £1 million available to Scottish-based organisations helping Pakistan flood victims.  They’re giving emergency funding of £500,000 for humanitarian aid and more than £400,000 of development funding.
External Affairs Minister Fiona Hyslop said, “It’s our moral duty to do whatever is in our power to ease the suffering of the people whose lives have been devastated.  “In providing assistance Scotland is saying it cares.”
A further £415,450 has been allocated to projects in Pakistan this year under the South Asia strand of the Government’s international development programme.

Now don't get me wrong.  I give to charity.  I may or may not have given to this charity, although the site of the Pakistan President over here, lecturing our Prime Minister,  while his country is dealing witht the floods, could get your back up, but that would be down to my personal choice.

But WHY is the Scottish Government giving OUR TAX MONEY to a disaster in Pakistan.. International Aid is as far as I know, is a matter reserved to WESTMINSTER and we are pledged to give 0.7% of GDP to aid which currently amounts to nearly £9billion.  The Scottish Government is about to tell us how bad the cuts are going to have to be, so surely this £1m, could have been used elsewhere, in SCOTLAND.  As my Granny used to say, "CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME" and the Scottish Government would do well to remember that.


banned said...

Any Government that can run a nuclear missile programme should be capable of funding its own internal problems but if it's a question of us having stuff or expertise that they don't have then fair enough, ship it over a.s.a.p..

scunnert said...

Buyin votes in Gleska?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, fair enough. But International Aid is reserved to Westminster and the Scottish Government has no right to be getting involved. I think that £9b from the UK is Tony Gallenty, as we say in Scottish rhyming slang.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Scunnert, that could well be the alterior motive, but they shouldn't be sending money when it's not their responsibility. If we as individuals in Scotland want to send additional money to charities then that's up to us, not the Scottish Government.

Dioclese said...

Careful, matey. This is a subject that I post on regularly (see last Friday) and for which I am frequently attacked. In fact only today I got a death threat!

Anyway, it's not the governments money, it belongs to the taxpayer and if you really wanted to be pedantic, it's not Scottish taxpayers money because it comes from the Scottish grant.

As I said on my blog, I already gave just like every other taxpayer. What really boils my piss is the way that every time they go looking for a suitable picture for an appeal like this, they have to reel out one with a child in it.

Shug Niggurath said...

Far as I'm concerned they shouldn't be giving any money in international aid, the remit of the Parliament did not cover this at the outset and it's an example of how any tier of government tries to take more power than the mandate gave them.

If our MSP's want to help any international disasters here's a novel idea for them, get a sponsor form and go around collecting it from people who agree.

I might decide to raise money for a cause and ask mates and workmates for a couple of quid, I'd never be so cheeky as to tell them I'd gave it in their name and demand the money.

Anonymous said...


When your own country is heavily in debt, high unemployment, jobs disappearing all over and immigration at an all time high, the last thing any government should do is give aid abroad. And yes, charity very much begins at home.

However, here's the rub DL. People need to realise a few things about reality.

1. They are controlled and owned by the state. When they were born their parents registered them to the control of the government. We are commodities and belong to the state. Therefore, as much as people may like to believe that they are our public servants, we are in fact their servants because our parents, unknowingly signed us off to their control. Why do you think the state can destroy families by allowing social workers to come and take children away?

2. Unless people wake up and see point one and that means taking back the human being from the legal fiction called the person, they will continue to be nothing more than belongings of the state to do with as they will. Yes, we ALL need to break the contract with the corporation known as UKPLC.

3. The Scottish government will give money to Pakistan, because like all other governments in the West, they are all part of the NWO and its drive to full on WWIII. By supplying Pakistan with money it will continue to fund the Taliban. Yes, we are (along with the USA) funding the very army, that our troops are fighting. When one realises that politicians are nothing but corrupt morons, then the better for all. There will also no doubt be politicians who are oblivious to all this but still do as they're told, ignorant of the outcome - ergo, don't send money to countries we're almost at war with.

4. The Scottish governments duty is to its people. After all, why do we elect them? Wrong. The Scottish government does what it wants to do and is responsible and liable to no one. Having read point 1 & 2, people will then realise that it answers to no one but itself.

There is a way of changing all of this:

1. Remove the human from the fictional person. That means becoming a freeman on the land. This is the only step forward to taking back your life and subsequently your country from its controllers.

2. Once you've done this the people redraft a constitution that can never be changed regardless. In it the obvious to protect the natural rights of the people but also a clause that hold politicians responsible for deceit, manipulation and subsequent trial by jury in a court of law. NO POLITICAL IMMUNITY REGARDLESS!

Anonymous said...


3. All politicians will be given a wage of no more than £25k a year. Therefore there will be no expenses, no given homes by the state (and obvious second homes) as all politicians will live in the fats/houses in their respective areas. But what about travel expenses? They make do like the rest of us have to. This will then obviously lead to government laws attacking poor transport and high prices.

4. The maximum term of political office will be no more than 1.5 years with which to implement the policy that you promise to give to the people. If you do not hold onto your promise then criminal charges will be brought against you for deceit and your party (and politicians) will be banned and disallowed from forming any political party in the future and said politicians from being active in the political arena. Therefore think long and hard on the promises you make and the realistic chances of implementing them, or it could land you in prison and being barred from politics for life.

5. No political immunity regardless. All politicians will uphold the law and never break it. Should they do so they will be open to public arrest by the police or citizens and tried in a court of law.

6. All important decisions of the country such as immigration, the promotion of our culture and protection of the land will be decided by referendum by the indigenous Scots, not by immigrants who may have lived here for a while. And on this, all positions of management within the many establishments and organisations throughout Scotland will be held by Scottish born indigenous and not by immigrants who have no connection to this land. This leads to subversion of society as is happening today by people who care nought for our cultures and histories.

In a nutshell, politicians will be the people, by the people for the people and will live in the very society that everyone else has to. Resulting laws passed will effect them and the rest of society, therefore it will be in their best interests to create laws that will benefit society instead of the opposite as we see today.

Therefore, sending money in aid to other countries won't happen as it will affect them as much as the people they represent.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...

We give money to Pakistan as we give to India..because the wealthy in these nations(just as the English conservatives) are quite unconcerned if their own people starve to death or die of disease..they much prefer to keep their money for themselves and let the poor die horribly while they party on(just as the English conservatives would).


yeah them pics of dying kids would boil anybody's piss.......if they were sick in the head that is??



yeah! right i believe

Shug Niggurath said...


If you need to use (cont) on a comment on a blog there's every chance you're just ranting and raving. I certainly scrolled past your bumf.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

[friendly]@Shug Niggurath

Don't worry about my ranting and raving. I certainly don't.

Great thing about liberty is not just freedom of speech but the freedom to not listen to (or read) freedom of speech.

I didn't scroll past your bumf. I tend to give everyone the time of day.

I also happen to not think as you do when it comes to prose, for if I did reading books would be utterly pointless and I certainly wouldn't understand as much about reality as I currently do.

Thank goodness for people who write how they feel and are not put off by those who have no interest in what they have to write. Others do. That's the point.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Greekers, a death threat? Fuck me, you must be doing something right. Not withstanding new information I am currently trying to take on board, what fucking really pisses me about, is when you cricise Pakistan, you're a racist, when you criticise Gays, you're homophobic, if you criticise the British Government, you hate the English. Well yes, I'm 56 tomorrow and that is what I am. These things are all in my makeup and I try and surpress them most of the times, you wouldn't believe the number of times I see stories in the MSM and ignore them because I know I'll get abuse. But fuck it! A man's got to break out sometime. I was getting pelters yesterday on Facebook because I made an innocent remark about Scottish summer weather being shite. Fuck me!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Shuggers, welcome to the blog, it's better on here rather than twatter, at least you can use more than 140 characters and one of my regular contributors generally does, however he usually makes some decent points so I let him off.
Aye, they are overstepping their mandate and they shouldn't be doing it. There are plenty of very rich Pakistanis here and also there, I wonder how much they'll be digging into their pockets? I think people in Britain would be more sympathetic if it wasn't for their Taliban links. I do contribute monthly to MSF, but I won't be giving anything towards this, because as soemone said, if they can fund a nuclear programme, they can afford to help themselves.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, as usual you make some interesting points which I have digested for the present. You were doing sooo well in your fist two sentences. Succinct, I think they call it, but I realise you need time to develop your argument. The others just aren't used to your writing style, but please don't let that discourage you.

Dark Lochnagar said...

MixedupNico, I think the point that the rich in these coutries never contribute to their country's ills, kind of bears out the NWO argument. Please don't come on here and accuse the Tories of letting the poor die while they party. After the last 13 years, after the graft of Tony Blair, Mandelsen et al. You must have had a right 'reddy' when you wrote that. At least with the Tories they generally have money so they don't have to rape the country, start illegal wars for oil and fuck about in the middle-east as a so-called Goodwill Ambassador sucking up Gadaffi's arsehole to get rich. You've got to be joking. Michael Foot will be birlin in his grave, the fuckwit!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Whoever deleted that comment. Gonny stop doing that!

Mr 10% needs to be paid aswell. said...

The Pakis will only see £900K of Scottish money as President Zardari will need to take his cut of 10%.
To get the full million then we would have to send £1.1million

Mr 10% said...

The president of pakiland is worth over a billion FFS. Why are we sending a million when he could sell a mansion and cover our costs...

subrosa said...

I wondered why too.

Happy Birthday toyboy xx.

Dark Lochnagar said...

10%ter, that list is fucking unbelievable. It's time the Taliban took that arsehole out and shot him and his son.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, it seemed a bit strange to me too. I met 'Curly Bill' at a meeting today and he's baldy! Thanks for Bithday wish Honeybunchy, but it is tomorrow. But you were the first(and probably the only one) apart from my wife and MIL! Sorry, I forgot my 100 friends on Facebook. Of which I know 2. You and a guy, I went to school with!

RantinRab said...

At my work there are buckets at each checkout with 'Pakistan Flood Relief' notices on them.

I filled one with water.

If a government/president or whatever doesn't give a toss for their/his own people, why should we?

The £900 million quid that Salmond gave away, playing the big international statesman, would pay for our free pensioner care for over two years.

The fucking fat bastard.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rab, yes I agree. There are plenty of rich Pakis over the world including their President, (check oout the link from Mr 10% on the property the President owns, it's mind boggling, even for a very sharp one like mine! BTW it was £900k that the Scottish Government gave not £990million, that would have brought the Government down IMO!

RantinRab said...

Aye, true DL. I got a bit carried away there.

Being on nights + not enough kip = spazification.