Tuesday, 17 August 2010


A former Israeli soldier posted photos on Facebook of herself in uniform smiling beside bound and blindfolded Palestinian prisoners, drawing sharp criticism from the Israeli military and Palestinian officials.
Israeli soldiers have run into trouble on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube before.
Palestinian Authority spokesman Ghassan Khatib condemned the photos and said they pointed to a deeper malaise – how Israel's 43-year-old occupation of Palestinians has affected the Israelis who enforce it.  "This shows the mentality of the occupier," Mr Khatib said, "to be proud of humiliating Palestinians. The occupation is unjust, immoral and, as these pictures show, corrupting."

So the brave Israelis like to humiliate their terrified victims.  Where have we heard that before?  Why don't we hear about the Palestinians' struggle to get a home land?  Because they haven't been handed it by Winston Churchill in exchange for the Zionist support to get America into WW2.  We don't hear about it because , the MSM don't report on it because ultimately the Papers are controlled by their Zionist owners.  Don't take my word for it read it, look it up on the Internet or if you are really wanting an early night, read the 200+ comments on the site above about the Pope's visit and watch how 'Anonymous', twists every one's story, until he is eventually laid to rest!


Anonymous said...


I have to say I do like your spirit DL. Fresh from being threatened (and by now most certainly carried out) about you utilising your freedom of speech, as well as not taking action against others for their use of freedom of speech, you courteously stick two fingers back at the jellyhead who wants to destroy everyone's liberty because the fuckwit's offended.

And as regards to the story, what do you expect? This is the tip of the iceberg. These cunts in Israel won't be satisfied until we're all groveling to their masterfulness in total subservience. And we're all almost fucking there!


Ironic isn't it? It sort of reminds me of that other Zionist inspired event, where naked Muslims were all piled on top of one another while being humiliated by American female GI's.

Fucking disgusting isn't it and yet they continue to play the victim, harping on about the fucking holocaust at every opportunity?
Don't worry DL, one day the mirror will crack and a gust of wind so strong will blow away all the smoke and society will see these cunts for what they truly are.

The Young Oligarch said...

These things happen , DL .


High spirits and all that .

Why pick especially on our Jordan Highlander friends ? They've got enough to contend with .

Mark MacLachlan said...

She must have a twat of steel.


Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbinger, I pick themes for this blog and no one else. I won't be told by so prick who signs in as anonymous, what I will or won't say. In saying that this story did jump out at me!

Aye they seem to bleat about being the opressed race, although accepting that the word race describes a group of people related by common descent, I would tend to think of it more as a nation rather than a people united by a religion. But then that's just me.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, the truth oif the matter when you lookm into mit, is they don't have enough to contend with. No one is saying that the Holocaust wasn't a bad thing, but it has been use time and time again by Zionists to excuse Israel. Nuclear weapons, they have them, against a UN resolution. Now Iran, have a desire for nuclear power and I'm not saying there not an unstable power, but all of a sudden we're all over them. There will be an invasion of Iran. American needs to oil it will happen and once again, WMDs will be given as the reason.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Mark, she'd be ok, those old Arab men only have twisted old pizzels. Interesting link.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

IDF DL. Rothschild Corporate Mercenaries. Rothschild USSR was the recipient of so much USofA corp. tech and treasure now it it the Rothschild Corprorate Entity run our of the Floating City with a sub branch in Tel Aviv. That's why our politicos are always getting "called" over there. It is business not death.

It is also one reason for their still being a monarch here and the films full of Victoria and her Maj over the past ten years. Someone's up for being King of Jerusalem again.

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!!!! There is little doubt in my mind that The Rothschild's corporation is running the world. I am however looking into ways of trying to stop the bastards, because I believe the internet is our only hope. Mind you they will shut that down sharpish too. Countries being nation states instead of belonging to large organisations like the EU will also thwart their evil plans for world domination!