Thursday, 29 July 2010


The Lockerbie scandal has just become even murkier. According to a report yesterday, “the US government secretly advised Scottish ministers that it would be “far preferable” to free the Lockerbie bomber than jail him in Libya.”
D.L.obtained a leaked document which reveals that Richard LeBaron, deputy head of the US embassy in London, had written to Alex Salmond, Scottish First Minister, ahead of the release of the Lockerbie bomber. The correspondence indicates that the Obama administration’s opposition to the “compassionate” release of the Lockerbie bomber may not have been as clear-cut as it has subsequently claimed. In the August 12, 2009 letter, the senior US official appeared to condone “a conditional release on compassionate grounds” of convicted Libyan intelligence agent Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, if Scottish officials were determined to proceed with the release of al-Megrahi against the wishes of Washington.

There had to be American involvement.  The most powerful nation in Earth are thirsty for Libyan oil.  They would be pleased as punch secretly when Scotland released him.  Megrahi is a patsy.  Let's go to the HAGUE and not be vague and have a proper enquiry where everything is put on the table.


scunnert said...

"Let's go to the HAGUE and not be vague and have a proper inquiry where everything is put on the table."


Dark Lochnagar said...

Scunnert, That won't happen as you know. The CIA knew about the bomb as they knew about the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbour. The American people are fools.

Anonymous said...

Scunner: There has never been and will never be such a thing as a proper enquiry. Tehre is always a back story, always an agenda.

I'm not saying that this will ahve affected any decision made by mr MacAskill, but imagine if an innocent man (which on balance I reckon Magrahi is), died in a Western jail at the behest of America. Would that not be likely to increase the risk of terrorism ... a recruiting sergeant if you will?

Billy said...

I think things are changing now because more people are becoming aware of what is going on now thanks to the web so I think that there may be an inquiry some time.

Just look at the Dr David Kelly situation with a group of doctors getting together that has forced a new inquiry into that.

The Lockerbie incident might have had nothing to do with terrorists at all. Have a look at this link if you haven't already

Down in the smoke said...

They're all in it together, as we say here at the heart of democracy.
What better way to hide the truth, than to have a public row, all heaping the blame on each other in order to baffle the simple voters.
Who's on first base?

Anonymous said...

It's quite safe to say and believing in the following:

If a politicians speaks you know they're lying.

So why do people keep voting them into power? Well it's because they're all given the inane idea that is democracy in that they have choice in whom they elect into power. They don't. They never have. It's that simple. With power, they say, comes great responsibility but more so it allows people do whatever they wish as no one will know any better should they choose to.

To follow in what Billy above has stated very correctly:

"I think things are changing now because more people are becoming aware of what is going on now thanks to the web....."

It [the web] has given people the freedom to speak as they may. It has more importantly allowed the 'conspiracy theorists" (as the media like to call them, but whom I applaud as brave truth-seekers and exposers of deceit, corruption and of course mass manipulation) their voice and subsequent truths.
It is because of the above that Jews (who control the media and pretty much every other establishment) are doing their utmost best to shut down the internet. Think about it, in order to control the internet all one has to do is control the ISPs. Look at the record and film industries and the media. Before there were many different bodies controlling the aforementioned industry, yet today you can count them all on one hand. The same will happen to the internet.

I could not have found what I have had it not been for the internet. I would be like the masses who come in from work, listen to the news and watch the soaps, knowing none the better of what's going on within society.

Mehagri was released because of oil while Mandelson plays millionaire "matey matey" with Gadaffi's son, Blair plays "long time no see old friend" with the man himself. Of course America was involved. They all are and the sheep who eat TV airwaves (our massive public) haven't a clue what's going on.

americanisms said...


" a recruiting sergeant if you will?"

Erk we're even sounding like the spams now !

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, I think that's a very good point. In this 'so called globalised world' it is becoming the East against West, Muslim against Christian just as predicted by our friend, Nostradamus. Therefore any death that might have been forced upon Megrahi in a Scottish Jail would have been seen by the Jihadists as a slight on Allah or somesuch fucking thing, rather than the death of what we all know is a patsy.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, I haven't seen that link before, it was very interesting. Carrying munitions? That would put a new slant on it wouldn't it?
The web is brilliant but the Zionists are already trying to control it. like the MSM. In time there will be filter, mark my words!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Smokers, that's some skit to remember. Can you imagine some of our so called comics nowadays being able to do that live? Not a chance.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, sadly nthat is true. Our common mans' only concern is who shot who in 'Eastenders' or what prick won some talent show about big brothers dancing on ice. We live in a sad World, but how do we go about changing it?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Americano, I'll think you'll find that that saying was popularised here long before the Yanks picked it up. But, by the by, I also hate Americanisms like movie, tire and my particular favourite 'trick or treat' instead of Halloween. When did the School disco for primary school children become a 'prom'?

Anonymous said...


Well, I would say "Do you want the truth?" when in all reality all I ever speak is the truth as I utterly loathe deceit.

The answer to your question is quite simple. We go about changing society by making them get off their fat, f*cking arses and doing something about it.
In a previous post I stated to you that no one will act until they have no choice but to. When collapse comes and it will people will have the choice to either grow food, or help in the process of it or else not eat. Now that's a great incentive - eat or die.
Then there's the situation of crime. Our society is riddled with it, but we can't do anything about it because we employ public servants to stop it, which they don't because it's all part of the Marxist ideas, courtesy of School of Frankfurt with guidance from the protocols to utterly obliterate our society. Thus we remove the police force, train ourselves to fight back, arm ourselves with weapons which in a nutshell will make gangs/robbers think twice about attacking us/burgling our houses if there's a high chance they'll be lying sprawled on the pavements with their brains oozing into the gutter courtesy of that Desert Eagle you've been learning how to shoot.
Look at it this way; they've banned guns and knives, both deadly weapons and useful tools for the public to use against the police, who work for the governments protecting them. Thus they have removed any way the public can defend themselves and thus have created a society dependent upon a police force that simply isn't doing its job. And more importantly, when will they decide to ban martial arts, stating that people's hands and feet can be deadly weapons, more deadly than guns and knives? This is what they tell us for 'our protection' when in reality it puts them at a loss physically against the public. Anything to keep them in control. It's double speak, no different to the war on terror when it's really a war for oil and CREATING terror within the people's minds (Check out "The Power of Nightmares" video on my blog page).

I don't want to praise the Krays, but put it this way, apart from the fact they were bullies and would slice people in the face who looked at them the wrong way, there were no rapes, no paedophilia and the elderly were respected and could walk safe on the streets and not feel terrified of being burgled. What we need back really is a society of Krays, where everyone wouldn't mess with any one because of their capabilities and criminals would be terrified of committing crime.

My simple point I'm making is personal responsibility of one's actions and ZERO STATE CONTROL OF SOCIETY. When the oil's gone people are going to get a massive shock.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, a long and interseting comment which I'll go over in more detail in the morning. Got to be up sharpish, gym day.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I'm not sure that when we run out of oil, man, won't have invented something else to take it's place, as I seem to remember saying to you on some other comment. I mean they are already well down the road of inventing feasable electric cars, so I'm not sure the demise of oil is going to spell the end of civilisation as we know it.

We certainly need to end state control. It's been creeping further into our lives for many years but most notably under Labour over the past 13. I wouldn't agree either with a state police controlling te population but I'm not sure we can all be resposible for our own security, I would however advocate the return of the death penalty for at least serial killers. Why should we pay for their upkeep which is not inconsiderable for the rest of their days. You may say that is state sponsored death, which it is, but that doesn't make it wrong. Society as you say is riddled with crime, but paedophilia for instance is usually practised by a family member and is probably no more prevalent now than it was in the 50s. and probably throughout the ages. It is a human condition. No, I think the Krays way would be a novel approach, but I would hate to think that I was going to get my face sliced because I fell out with a neighbour about a fence and he was someone who had influence in a gang.
However, I am for personal responsibility in peoples' lives but I think there have to be checks and balances of some sort.

Anonymous said...


Regarding Oil, it won't run out but there will come a time when it costs $100 to get it out of the ground but $90 to sell. It will therefore be worthless.
As regards to alternative energy there are many but none are feasible. I strongly suggest you read Michael Ruppert's Confronting Collapse which states reality ever so effectively, although quite hard to grasp and understand at times with the 'science talk' as such.
Regarding electric cars, people don't realise that electricity can't be stored. We have solar power, wind power, tidal power etc but all only work when the elements are in play that they utilise. So it means that when the elements aren't out in force to generate electricity, it has to be attained from another source - FOSSIL FUELS (which are running out)! The book explains it to the 'T.' And once you've read it you'll simply say "FUCK."
As Michael Ruppert states "We are looking at a natural disaster in the loss of oil similar to the meteor which hit earth and wiped out the dinosaurs." Look at it this way, before Oil the population of the world was 2 billion people. After oil it's 7. It means that we rely on Oil and Natural gas for creating food. I could go on but read the book.
There is no alternative energy system in place that will take over from oil. There is nothing that can replace oil. Nuclear power is highly volatile and worse still, nuclear waste remains active and deadly for hundreds of thousands of years and we can't dispose of it, that is unless they start firing it off into space!

The book isn't called collapse for nothing. We are looking at the situation of industry, media, transport, heat production etc etc coming to a grinding halt. What happened in Cuba will happen in the west and we'll be better off for it. our land, due to oil has been turned into a junkie and we'll have to go back to proper, old school, crop rotation and good animal husbandry. It will make our society a society again and ironically is the biggest and best weapon against globalisation and defeating the NWO.

It's going to be a hell of a rocky road, but one that will create a far better future.

Lincoln County said...

There is no oil shortage, never has been and won't be in the near future. Furthermore I personally don't beleive it's a fossil fuel - it's produced abiotically deep in the earth's crust. It's much easier to get at in certain places such as Saudi Arabia. America has plenty of oil left, coal and shale oil deposits that we could live off for 500 years, not to mention natural gas, and that's just what we know about. Energy is used by governments, politicians, enviromentalists, etc. as a political tool to get what they want. For example, the BP oil spill is bad, but it's nothing like the media portrays. Environmentalists and left-wing politicians are using this crisis for political leverage. Beleive me, I've been to the Mississippi and Florida coasts several times in June and July this year - not a tarball in site - thousands of perfectly healthy seabirds making racket and shitting everywhere just as they always have. Oil-consuming bacteria in the warm waters of the gulf will take care of the spill and 2 years from now everything, environmentally speaking, will be back to normal. Google the Ixtoc oil spill in the bay of Campeche if you doubt me. Meanwhile politicians are demonizing BP who we desparately need in LA and MS to provide jobs. And yes, I agree Obama knew about the Megrahi release. At the time I was pissed about it - now not so much. After a little research into the matter I will admit that he's PROBABLY innocent of the bombing - maybe - I'd like to see more evidence.
And you guys sure give the CIA a lot of credit. I personally beleive it's borderline inept. You guys sound a little paranoid - like they are secretly inluencing everything that happens in the world - I reckon they blew up the oil platform too - I don't think so.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I still think you are being overly pessamistic, but I have ordered the book you recommended and at £6.92 it better be a good read! No, but seriously, I don't see any problem in firing nuclear waste off into space and crashing it on say, Mars. One of the side benefits of the Haldryon collider experiment is the production of anti-matter which, I believe, will ultimately be used as a fuel. But, I will have a read at the book when it comes and that may change my views, although I still remain skeptical.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Linkers, I tend to side with you as regards oil, but I have purchased the book recommended above by Harbinger and I'll se if that changes my outlook. As far as the BP oil spill was concerned, the climate change nutters had a good chance to kick Obama. The sea is a very powerful medium and particularly at this time of the year with tropical storms the spill will be cleaned up pronto. It may even be a good time to but BP shares as they are currently low, but I don't think it will cost as much to clear up as they have budgeted for.

I don't belive Megrahi is the person who blew up the Pan-Am jet. He may have had something to do with it but he was a patsy, but whatever he was up to, was illegal and I hope he has a very painful death although he will be pumped full of Morphine so he'll probably quite enjoy it. As to the real perpetrators have a look at which Billy recommended further up. It's quite interesting as it purports the theory that the plane was actually carrying munitions which blew up due to the increased radio use as it passed out of Scottish airspace.

The CIA are behind plenty of this shite BTW and although I believe they are fucking inept, it's time their actions were scrutinised more closely in your country IMO. But as money talks and the Zionists are running your Government as they are here, a worthwhile investigation will never be held. Remember these guys value their religion more than their country and that makes them a fifth column within a supposedly Christian country.

Anonymous said...


A pessimist is the name an optimist gives to a realist. I'm quite happy with that!

And by the way, going Nuclear (which will very possibly happen) will do nothing to stop the NWO and the bankers. The plan will continue along with the greed. At least with a societal collapse, the realization of not having the banking system we have along with the futility of globalization will become so much clearer that it will die a death.

So in a nutshell, the collapse of society will in fact create a far better one.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, when do you anticipate this will happen. Will it be before the NWO has us all enslaved, well as enslaved as a Scot can be, or will it be after we have all been chipped?