Saturday, 31 July 2010


Israel has carried out air strikes on targets in Gaza after militants in the territory fired a rocket into the Jewish city of Ashkelon, the first such attack in more than a year.
Late Friday aircraft shot at least four missiles at buildings used by Hamas security forces in Gaza City, wounding eight, medics said. Warplanes also hit smuggling tunnels on the border with Egypt, without causing casualties, witnesses said.

I've withheld the above horrific photo from another such incident in Gaza.  Surely the time has come for Israel to act as a nation, instead of an avenging angel.  Yes I know about the HOLACAUST and yes that was a terrible time, but no one says that GYPSIES OR HOMOSEXUALS, who were equally horrifically treated should have a homeland. I know, there is a threat from Muslim nations around Israel, but there is no chance of them causing trouble or invading whilst the U.S. and the U.K. administrations are packed with Jewish people who are sympathetic to Israel.

 For fuck's sake, give the PALESTINIANS  a bit of land and don't allow anyone to encroach on it.  If some militants fire some rockets, complain to their Government, duly elected by the Palestinians and let them deal with it.  Hitler and his cronies were 70 years ago, grow up and take your place in the World.


DL a dhimmi ? said...

DL. Don't forget that there's a border between Gaza and Egypt that is also blocked. No publicity of course because Egypt is also muslim. Everything that Gaza needs could be brought in through Egypt. But even muslim Egypt can't trust the murderers of Hamas and would never allow them to enter Egypt for fear for their own country.
Hamas run Gaza and would happily see the West burnt to the ground. They hate us and all we stand for. The biggest funders of Gaza is the EU despite Saudi etc saying how horrible we are. Saudi would never let a Palestinian get Saudi citizenship despite generations of living in Saudi. Very muslim of them .
DL how long would you survive in Gaza before you were kidnapped ? Then tortured and murdered.
Why do you support these murderers ?
Any chance of a pic of a Hamas beheading ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Dhimmi? What the fuck is that? I am not saying that there are faults all over the middle east, but the point I was trying to make, and obviously failed, was that Israel should rise above it all and become a nation and it might get more respect from the other non-jewish people in the World.

"They hate us and all we stand for". Can I take it from that remark, you are Israeli or are you just of the Jewish persuation as my Jewish friends say. If you are merely Jewish and British, why do you say "us"? You see that's why non-Jews view Jews with suspicion. Your religion is more important to you than your nationality. If you are Israeli, please accept my apologies.

dhimmi DL said...

You don't even know what a dhimmi is ? WTF ?
When I say thay hate us I mean Hamas / Islamists hate the West. I hate all religions personally and curse them. But to show a muslim childs brains is a disgusting thing to do.
Why not show a jewish childs brains or a sunni childs brains or a Shia childs brains ? They're all being killed by religion.
Like I said before everything that Gaza needs can be brought in through Egypt but even muslim Egypt are terrified of Hamas and don't want them to get into Egypt.
I didn't hear any mention of the new shopping centre opening in Gaza this week. Just news of cement being blocked by Israel.
Assuming your wish comes true and we all stand back and let Israel fight alone without Western help how long would it last ? I'd say about a month. Then the numbers game would win and Israel would be overwhelmed.
Then what ?
Nuclear holocaust in the middle east as israel fires off it's 100 missiles. Would you be happy then ?

Anonymous said...

Who's this "DL a dhimmi" twit?

A dhimmi is a term that was used to brandish non Muslims who had surrendered to Islamic control and would pay the jizyah (infidel tax) to their Muslim masters.


You know, what's ironic about reading "DL a dhimmi's" post is that I was there with him/her. Yes I was hooked on the Zionist controlled websites of Jihad watch et all and you know I really believed all the sh*te that I read. Robert Spencer certainly does give a sterling performance at educating the masses on Islam, I'll hand it to him, however, what he forgets to mention (of course) is Zionism. He of course continues to mention the dreaded Qur'an and hadith with their anti Christian and Jewish passages, yet not one mention whatsoever of the Babylonian Talmud and what it has to say of Christ bubbling in hot excrement in hell. And also, at least Muslims see Christ as a prophet, unlike Jews. So ironically, Muslims are the closest friends to Christians before Jews are.

And Israel. Hmm.....

Now let me see. Such a wonderful place isn't it? An illegal state, filled with non semitic peoples, demanding that they be allowed to call a place hundreds of miles from their ancestral homeland, that of King Bulan's Khazaria. Then of course we've got the strict racial policies of Israel. How many blacks over there? How many interracial marriages? How many Jews marrying non Jews? Hmm... you see this is the thing with Jews in their containing destruction of the west. They moved here, took control of the money (the reasons they got booted out of over 100 countries) and continued to set about the destruction of the ruling majority indigenous peoples. This was noticed in those lands they got booted out of as well. As the case in the West, they set up the pro black organisations, the feminist organisations, the far left wing communist organisations, the anti white organisations and even managed to brainwash young whites to hate their own peoples!!! So while they're busy promoting feminism, white hatred, pro minority rights, interracial/religious marriages etc etc in the west, they're doing exactly the opposite back home. In a word HYPOCRITES!

I'm also sure if we were to look at the deathtolls of Jewish/Zionist organised deaths compared to Muslim deaths of Jews, we'll see a massive difference.

Anonymous said...


You see, if we go right back to the 1290 when the Jews got evicted from the UK, they set about their manipulation of every European country they were in. The English Civil war, the French Revolution, The Russian Revolution, WW1 & 2...all orchestrated by Zionism and bankers. And of course Bolshevism along with Marxism is an entirely Jewish phenomena. And how many deaths in Russia? Well let's see, far more than Hitler could ever dream of. Let's take the Ukranian genocide, instigated and run by Stalin's Jews (all one has to do is have a look at how many Jews were controlling Russia and you'll see a rather amazing picture unfold before your very eyes) and we'll see 10 million Christians starved to death in under a year in 1932. The sad thing is that they have duped the Goy into fighting their wars for them. Not a jew sheds any blood. And they've managed to get away with it also because it is they who created VICTIM MENTALITY AND CULTURE THAT'T RIPPING APART THE WEST. It all started in WW2. Actually no, it didn't. They were already throwing the figure of 6 million dead Jews in WW1! And what's more ironic is the holocaust is a prime example of Goebbels lie theory. You'll find the following article (from a Jew) rather enlightening. Which shows that there are two very different kinds of Jews - click here

But the biggest give away of all of Jewish control is the fact that should people in certain countries question Judaism then its a stint in the court rooms followed by a prison term for exercising free speech and more importantly critical thinking, something Jews don't want the Goy to do, or else it may just spell the end of their wonderful masquerade they've been running for centuries in the West.

To finish off, what's sooooo ironic is that while the Jews in Israel in the West continue to harp on about anti semitism at anyone who question organised Jewry and Zionism, they are in fact committing it on a regular basis in Gaza. Yes, for 95% of world Jews are not semitic peoples but as I said Khazars, they are evicting the rightful owners of the land off of it so they can colonise it, all because their King decided to convert his people en masse back in the 9th century! Like to find out more about the salt beef bagel eating, pretzel munching, victim mentality, Jews? Then have a read of this - here. You'll find it ever so interesting indeed.

Anonymous said...


You won't find it in the media whatsoever. I wonder why? Our society is force fed lies on a daily basis. And even more sad is the fact that the true Torah worshiping Semitic jews are being set up by the Talmud worshiping jews, the same way they're setting up the Muslims in the West. They want a war against Islam and of course the ignorant Goy will fight that war for them. Have a read of the protocols, the second most read book after the Bible, continually failed to been proven it's fake yet our media says it is. Now isn't that a surprise? And Goebbels lie theory comes back into play yet again.

And regards Hamas, they're a DEMOCRATICALLY elected political party in Palestine and they are defending their people against continued Israeli aggression. The Muslims throw stones, the Jews reply with gunfire. The Muslims fire home made rockets and the Jews reply with hi-tech weaponry all the way from Jewish controlled USA.

What's so ironic about all of this is that I remember the very arguments that I gave for Israel's right to exist. That was of course, long before I realised the truth behind it all and the fact that we in the west, the GOY that is are being used by the Zionists to fight their battles and destroy ourselves and our culture. I'm now also finding out facts that have made history lessons nothing but lies. And Orwell's lines come haunting back..."he who controls the present controls the pas...." It's already happening today. our history is being rewritten. Orwell warned us of it and no one's heeding his words. History thus continues to repeat itself.

And yes, there will be a Nuclear war in the middle east, when Israel fires off Nukes against Iran, with full support from the west having continued the brainwashing of the people via their manipulation of the media, educational establishments and government.
Oh how little I knew of Judaism and Israel. And how much I knew of Islam.
I'm not denying that Muhammad wanted his followers to wage Jihad against the infidel, but the simple fact is this - WHO LET THEM INTO THE WEST? IF WE KNOW OF HISTORY AND JIHAD THEN WHY DID WE LET THEM IN, ESPECIALLY AFTER THE BATTLE OF VIENNA IN 1683 WHEN THE TURKS WERE DRIVEN OUT OF EUROPE FOR GOOD?

I don't know if "DL is a Dhimmi" is a Jew or a Christian zionist, but I do know that he/she's no different to the millions of indoctrinated and brainwashed people in the West being controlled to set about their own destruction!

dhimmi DL said...


DL is a dhimmi because he believes all the bollox he sees on the BBC etc.
Which country would you rather live next to ? A Hamas controlled Gaza or a democratic Israel ?
I'd rather live next to Israel.
Anyone who shows a child with their brains blown out should show a child from each part of the conflict with their respective brains blown out. Otherwise they lay themselves open to accusations of dhimmitude.

Anonymous said...

dhimmi DL said...

DL is most certainly not a dhimmi one iota. Have you read any of his articles?
What you are seeing before you with DL is something that is quite rare of late but starting to infect the populous of not just Britain, but Europe and the USA. It's something that we all used to do, that is circa pre 1970's. It is of course known as CRITICAL THINKING.

The world is waking up. I read so much about Islam I could quote passages from the Qur'an and Hadith. I went from the start of Islam to current day, studied historical events, battles, Jihads etc etc. AND YES I BELIEVED ALL THE RUBBISH THE Zionist controlled websites ran.

What part of "95% of Jews are not semitic peoples and thus have no ancestral claim whatsoever to Israel?" don't you understand?
Do you not realise that they are illegally occupying a part of land that was given to them illegally by Churchill under the Balfour declaration, that he had no right to make in the first place?
Do you not realise that before 1917, Kaiser William and the Ottoman Turks had won the war? Public opinion against America joining was at an all time high. More so, support for Germany was also at an all time high. In fact it was so high, that the Zionist bankers said to the British, that if they promised them land in the Middle East, they would bring America into the war, thus enabling them victory and to hold their head high with pride? They did this by manipulating public opinion via the media they controlled. This was when the stories of the "Baby eating Huns" started to appear. Yes, America never should have come into WW1, but the Zionists saw their prayers answered and used the British to get Israel illegally, a land they had no ancestral claim to whatsoever.

You need to move beyond the Jihad Watch dogma. It's very convincing but mentions nothing of Marxism, Judaism, Zionism, School of Frankfurt, Baeur, Rothschild, etc etc.

Islam is being played. The west is being played and they're playing one against each other as they've done for centuries, while not just supplying each warring factions with finance and arms, making huge profits, but destroying generations of westerners, the only people capable of standing against the cabal of bankers/financiers/Zionists of the NWO, hell bent on enslaving mankind under a one world government and banking system.

Anonymous said...


You need to seriously wake up. You are exactly where I was 3 years ago. I was mad with anger at the thought of Islamisation of the west and like I said I continued to read and read and ask more and more questions.
The anti Jihad websites can tell you all you want to know on Islam, but they tell you nothing whatsoever on who's pulling the strings.

And don't give me this sh*te about a democratic Israel bollox. Israelis would never, ever see to it that Jews were the minority within. They will always see to it that they're 100% in control of the promotion of Babylonian Talmud worship. They would never allow a majority of Muslims within or Christians who would vote in a Christian or a Muslim society. Thus it defeats the purpose of democracy and like it is in the west, it's nothing but a pantomime. It's a case of the Jew on the left or the Jew on the right and whomever wins, the Jew won't sell out the other to any non Jewish society, for the simple reason they all see themselves as the master race and above everyone else.

And for goodness sake, the BBC is what Orwell based the Ministry of Truth on in 1984! It is a government organisation that peddles its propaganda and Zionists not only control the government, but the all of the media, the judiciary and the educational establishments to boot, state indoctrinating our society since the 60's!

If anyone's talking bollox it's you! Throw out your TV set. Stop reading the papers. Unplug yourself from the propaganda being thrown at you constantly.
I've been free of the TV and media for nearly 3 years and I feel alive at last, no longer listening to constant bullsh*t propaganda, mindless celebrity worship, deadhead football promotion and all other rubbish that passes as entertainment today. I read and read more and when I've done reading I finish off with a nice read. I read the classics, the dictionary, read up about free man on the land, my sovereignty, law, statutes and legislations, books about reality.... I walk around society now and feel as though I've fallen into the film "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."

Wake up. Stop believing the pro Israeli rubbish you're reading. It's all nothing but bull!

Billy said...


Agree with totally - actually you sound like me -I have never owned a TV and gave up the papers years ago.

I got banned from the Jihad Watch site just because I pointed out that 911 had nothing to do with terrorists as they keep on spouting and I backed that up with the fact that a Dr Judy Wood and Dr Morgan Reynolds are suing the US government and over 20 US companies and individuals for putting out lies with regard to 911. I also linked to and my site for them to see the evidence for themselves.

Funny they completely ignored Dr Judy Wood made a comment about Dr Reynolds and did the usual rant about me being a truther - then I wasn't allowed to comment again.

They talk about Truth and Freedom as well - only for who they decide it seems.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Dhimmi, First of all, why should I know what a Dhimmi is? It is, presumably a Hebrew word, a language I don't speak. I could insult you in Scots English and believe me you would have no idea what I was saying or Gaelic for that matter.
I thought long and hard about showing that photo, purely because it is horrific. I have had it for 18 months or so and I don't even remember where I got it. If I did have pictures of people blown up by a Muslim bomber or a victim of a rocket attack in Israel, which I don't have, then I would use them to illustrate a point. What I was trying to show was that some fuckwit who is not happy with the current state of peace, albeit it tenuous, fires off a a 'rocket' which have all the sophistication of something you use on Guy Fox night, not taking away from the fact that they could kill, and Israel responds with an attack by four planes on a Palestinian Government building. Oh yes, a Palestinian Government building. A government voted in by the people of Palestine in free elections. Now, all over the world there has been examples of former 'terrorists' becoming responsible leaders, Ireland, South Africa and oh, of course Israel. There is no chance of Israel being attacked, whilst they have the support of the U.S. They are after all a nuclear power. But why is that? Are their nuclear weapons not contrary to some UN dictat? Why should they have nuclear weapons and not for instance Iran? You tell me that if they were attacked they would use nuclear weapons. Does that make them a reponsible nation who should have a nuclear capability? Look at it from a Muslim point of view, if you are able. Why should they have weapons of mass destruction and Muslim nations shouldn't? I also abhor all religion and from that point of view, I am an agnostic and believe that World peace, harmony and mutual respect will never happen until the cabals that rule the world and the most potent one is Jewish but also contains Catholics and other religions are no longer allowed to have the influence they have. You say that you don't like religion, but would you say you are of the Jewish persuation?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbinger 1, Thanks for your informative response. The two links you gave look very interesting and I will certainly investigate them further. So I rest your case, so to speak.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Dhimmi 2 , I gather news from various sources, newspapers, the BBC, Sky and the internet amongst others. But the one thing the MSM have in common, is that they have either Jewish publishing magnates or people of the Jewish persuation at the top of the tree. Why is that? Is it that gentiles are hopeless at making money and controlling the MSM or what? Can we belive the MSM when it's controlled by a fundamentalist religion? I know what I tend to think but maybe you could enlighten me further?
As I said earlier, I am not pro-Palestinian or anti-Jew. I am however anti-religion and pro-people.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbinger 2, I am obviously going to do some more reading on this subject. To be honest with you it wasn't something that I would have said, before I read your blog and your comments on mine, that I would have investigated. So for that, you have my thanks. I don't know about critical thinking. I have opinions, which is why I started blogging. My style is to take an a news article and give my comments on it. If readers agree fine, if not, we can then debate it, which is what I enjoy, but at the end of the day I won't fall out with anyone if their ideas are different to mine. Ask Banned who comments on my blog almost daily. We often vehemently disgree but still remain friends. At least he has a google ID, so you can relate or go onto his blog, although I think DL is a Dhimmi is someone who quite often comments, as I know his style of writing.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, thanks I'll have a shufty at the site, it looks interesting. Fuck me, I've got days of research to do!

Billy said...

Actually there is lots and lots of excellent evidence on Dr Judy Wood's site but it is a bit scatterbrained, not very tidy or logical in its set-up.

I have started to link to the main evidence over at my site at Paisley Expressions so that people can follow it. I will be linking to the various court case documents soon some of which are very picture intensive.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, I'll have a look at that as well. My apologies in advance for not looking at your blog before, but you know how it is. So many blogs, so little time!

Anonymous said...

From my limited knowledge on the subject all I can say is - well said DL - agree with the sentiment totally especially the last line.

Keep up the good work.

I'm not up for an argument about it so if anybody is knocking my agreement - fuck off nicely!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Headson, fear not! If someone wants to DISCUSS, I will take up the cudgel on your behalf, if you are unwilling or don't have the time.

Anonymous said...


Yes and thank you. Jihad Watch is nothing but a pro Zionist propaganda outlet led by the incredibly well read Robert Spencer. I won't pull him down one bit but when I was in my "anti Islam" stage, before my "enlightened" stage I got into an argument with him as I would mention that he continues to attack the only political party in the UK (that BNP) that promotes his ideology regarding Islam. He was a hypocrite. Of course understanding more and more and realising about 9/11 & 7/7 you're quite correct that they still view that as an Islamic terrorist attack when we all know it was homeland security with help from Mossad. And what about the USS Liberty?

To Jihad Watch and the anti Islam movement they listen to who they want to and ban those who disagree. There is no room for debate with them.

I'm not denying that if another culture grows within another dominant one and the new culture has a far higher birthrate than the host, then common sense prevails to suggest that in time it will control unless it integrates. So in regards to Islam then yes, the possibility of Islamisation is very real. My beef was with those who allowed the UK to become a dumping ground for everyone in the world without the consent of the people. I believe the exact same thing is happening in the USA, surprise surprise under legislation from the Zionist lobby of obliterating white European American culture. Yes, I am white and yes I can see that our people (the goy) have been under attack from Talmudic Jews for a very long time and yes I will do my best to defend them. If I were in Africa and saw them attacking Africans I'd defend them also. Thus stating that I will always of course side with my people and race before any other, but fight for another race if their cause is just.

And good you never had a TV. I wish I never had. One can feel quite lonely in society when there's no one of like mind with whom to discuss with.

Anonymous said...


You learn a new thing everyday. Have a look here to understand what critical thinking is and you'll realise that you've known about it and most certainly practiced it all you life as most honest and just people always have.

I too used to have a blog where I would literally rip apart modern day journalists' take on society and reality. They're all nothing but media whores, long gone from the days of investigative journalism in order to bring the truth to the people. I suggest getting hold of The Insider by Michael Mann, who tells of the true story of 60 minutes the popular American investigative journalism programme. I also suggest you have a view of "Orwell Rolls in his Grave" on my blog, another brilliant documentary on media corruption.
I know where you're coming from and I do still enjoy perusing the odd article and dissecting it piece by piece.

Regarding reality there is much to learn. It's a deep and lonely road to take, but once you take it you'll understand reality and more importantly that you've been lied to from day one. What you'll find would be like dynamite under a prawn cracker in that if society found out the real truth, politicians would be hanging from every lamp post, in their constituencies all over the UK followed by the judiciary.

It's only when you've shut out the media do you begin to realise just how controlled and manipulated you are. I'm unable to discuss reality with people in Scotland, which is making the situation of me moving back down to London ever more a reality. As much as I hate it, there are many open minds and intelligent, critical thinkers there, where sadly here in my home city, their brains are filled with pie and onions. Yes, I see it turning into the superficial, materialistic hell that is Zionist controlled America.

Opinions are like assholes. We all have one. DL is a Dhimmi no doubt means well but I was like he/she at one time so I can't criticise too much, only to say wake up and search for the truth. It's out there and will greatly ease the angst and frustration that he/she's no doubt experiencing with Islamic colonisation of the UK/West.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I'm obviously going to have to do some reading and reavaluate my thinking. Thanks for the links, I will work through them, shortly.

Lincoln County said...

(long drawn-out sigh) I stand with Israel for obvious reasons. Zionists controlled America?? (sigh and yawn). And DL, my religion (Southern Baptist) is certainly more important to me than my nationality. It seems to me that many have swallowed the left-wing and radical muslim propaganda hook, line and sinker.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Linkers, can you not see what's happening? Muslims and Christians have been killing each other for years to see who's got the best imaginary friend! America may be a Christian country but the government is overly staffed by Jews. Now it may be that Jews are good at Government, I don't know, but if I was a Christian living in a Christian country, I think I might be a wee bit concerned that they might just have an alterior motive. Who comes first with a Zionist in the U.S., the country or their religion?
Christianity was a religion I was born into but started to have serious doubts about when the Abervan disaster happened in Wales when I was about 10. You won't know, probably, what that was, but it was a coal slag or bing as we call them which slid on top of a primary school killing scores of young children and I thought, why would a God let that happen? I saw a quote the other day which you may appreciate. "Religion has actually convinced people that there's an invisible man--living in the sky--who watches everything you do every minute of the day. The invisible man has a list of ten things you must not do..And if you do any of these things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever 'til the end of time!....but he loves you". While you pray for something, hoping that you will end up in heaven, agnostics just do it. So BTW, do people of the Jewish persuasion who are running your country and economy. Do you know that Israel would be bankrupt entirely, unable to meet their debts, if it was not for the money being given by America. Maybe if you spent the same in Muslim countries instead of invading them illegally, killing their civilians and I include the UK in that, then perhaps they wouldn't send suicide bombers into our streets.

Anonymous said...

Lincoln country,

"I stand with Israel for obvious reasons."

And what might they be? And have you ever read the Babylonian Talmud? Maybe you should? I suggest a trip to Michael Hoffman's website, Real Zionist News website and even better watch and read what Kevin MacDonald has to say on Judaism. Jews are no friends of Christians! How on earth can you believe what you do?.....

However, I understand fully where you come from because I was there also. Like I said in a previous post, you'll find the The Synagogue of Satan very informative if you'd like to find out about Judaism/Zionism.

Anonymous said...

Also Lincoln,

You may like to have a peruse at Jew Watch and read many of the interesting FACTS, in many of the articles written there. Even better, why not have a read of some of the articles in The Truth Seeker, John Bryant's website (especially 'The Jewish Question and Liberalism')and the The Gnostic Liberation Front?

I have to say that Christian's who support Zionism are truly obscured from reality. But then, hey, that's life!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, we'll have to see if our American friend has a shufty!

Billy said...

Christians - Should that not be Horusians as the Christian religion is an exact copy of the Egyptian religion. After all Jesus has all the same atributes as their god Horus who is thousands of years older.

The Horus myth has been documented by all the ancient historians and carved into many of the ancient monuments all over Egypt whilst their is no record of Jesus anywhere.

Jim Baxter said...

Not only Horus, Mithra too. TE Lawrence wrote of a kind of natural selection of prophets. For every thousand or so who went into the desert to find their God one or two would pick up a few disciples when they came back. Christianity suited Constantine the First for political reasons. without him, few today would ever have heard of them.

One reason so many Christian Americans support Israel so strongly is because they believe that state will be the seat of the coming Rapture.

As for Israel, they have a right to defend themselves against those who seek to obliterate them, which is what their enemies seek. You find examples of the horror done to the innocent shown in DL's picture selection wherever there is armed conflict. A dead child with an intact head is just as dead.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, The Christian myth has been expounded in many religions from pagan to more modern. The whole thing was invented to make simple people contribute to the wealth of the Church particularly the Roman one and to help them to think they may have something better to look forward to. At the same time the church had control over the people as I mentioned above to Linkers. Surely in this day and age when we have the internet and access to so much knowledge, we can no longer believe in myths and kill each other in an argument about who has the best imaginary friend?

Dark Lochnagar said...

James, this is what we need more discussions like this one between people in different countries. If it takes me posting a horrific picture and I though hard about doing it, then so be it. Zionists are in charge particularly in America as well as to a lesser degree here. America is the country where the buck talks and all institutions from the Presidency to Baptist churches are influenced by money with thieving fuckwits appearing on TV and 'healing' people to get greater and greater contributions to their church. Do you see the money these people leave? I remember being in Rome Airport with my in-laws a few years ago. My mother in law is old and disabled and I had the opportunity to take her to Rome as she and her husband are Catholics and although not particularly devout, go to the church on a weekly basis. I'm ambivelent about that, but as she struggled with her disability to get onto tourist class, nuns and priests were pushing past her to get into first class. I could tell that she was shocked thinking to herself, "I've paid into the church all my life so nuns can fly first class". I rest my case as Al Capone said one Valentine's day.