Tuesday, 27 July 2010


  • No10 says 'We lament any leaks' as White House slams breach
  • UK Security Minister fears British soldiers are now at greater risk
  • Documents reveal British forces killed 16 Afghan children 'in error'
  • Special forces 'black' squads hunt Taliban leaders
  • French soldiers shot at a bus full of schoolchildren
  • Polish troops killed wedding party in mortar attack
  • Taliban target aircraft with deadly heat-seeking missiles
Which, if any, of the above statements do you find strange?  Personally there are none of them surprise me.  I don't also believe in this pish about some whistle blower.  This is a CIA black op if ever I saw one.  A year ago, I might have fallen for it, but I have become more and more cynical the more I learn about our 'war' in Afghanistan and Iraq.  As usual our brave young men are dying as pawns of the fucking politicians. 

Is there no POLITICIAN in this country, is going to stand up and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"!  Are we gullible bastards, fed a diet of war and shite on the telly, going to stand up and  say "FUCK THIS, FOR A GAME OF SODJERS"!  (Scottish Expression).  Because I'll tell you one thing, if we don't our Grandchildren are fucked.  Me?  I don't care.  The D.L. line dies with me!


Anonymous said...

agreee wholeheartedly DL. Has all the indications of a "false flag" Just like them mickey mouse saltires on the tarmac in Tripoli. Enough's enough.

Brian Selway, Dundee.

Lincoln County said...

"our brave young men are dying as pawns of the fucking politicians."

I couldn't agree more. It's time to end this thing when the finest Britain and America have to offer are subjected to shit like this and given impossible rules of engagement. I wouldn't trade the life of an American soldier (or a British soldier for that matter)for every politician in Washington. Let them fight and kill or get them the fuck out!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Brian, I'm glad you agree and welcome to the blog. Please come on and comment again. Make up a name, so's you're different from the other anonymouses, some of whom are nutters!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Linkers, the longer it lasts, the more money the Rothschilds and their cronies make. They are arming both sides, exploiting the oil in Iraq and making monkeys of us. Is there no fucking politician over there will stand up for the right and the people. Or are they all in hawk to the Big comapanies like BP and Haliburton for their campaign money. Fuckers.

Lincoln County said...

Ron Paul tried.

banned said...

"Special forces 'black' squads hunt Taliban leaders " I should bloody well hope so, how many did we get?

subrosa said...

Aye DL decidedly iffy all this. I haven't read much about it as yet but I will.

Harbinger said...


Point 1 - It's just a load of bollox!

Point 2 - Our country invaded another country illegally. We started a war illegally. What the f*ck do you expect? Of course our soldiers are at greater risk. What an ignorant remark to make.

Point 3 - Did they? Well f*ck me! How many were killed in error when Churchill gave the order to bomb Dresden, creating a very real holocaust?

Point 4 - I thought the whole object of war was strategy i.e. DON'T TELL THE OPPOSITION WHAT YOU'RE DOING?

Point 5 - Again they're in another country fighting an illegal war. What do they expect?

Point 6 - More casualties of war. Well, at least it takes the heat of the yanks for always doing it.

Point 7 - Really? So then the enemy are supposed to just lie down while the USA/UK/Allies secures an oil pipeline and your heroin crop for back home then?

I used to support the soldiers DL. I did, after all, there is that saying "We sleep safe in our beds at night...." However, lately I've begun to realise quite a few things about life in that no one forces you to do anything. Therefore:

Soldiers at war in Afghanistan are in the wrong. Without them there would be no war for politicians to wage. They'd have no backup and it would be a case of put up (go to Afghanistan yourselves) or shut up. This illegal war is very much being continued by soldiers. I never joined up for the simple reason that I wouldn't kill another who never gave me any grief and certainly not invade their land on the will of a w*nker politician, while I put my neck on the line so he can fill his pockets. F*ck that for a game of soldiers.

The society we live in is in the state it's in because people don't take a stance and say 'enough.' As long as people join the armed forces, politicians will have their puppets, those bigger than them and stronger, in front whom they push and say "attack and kill...." I'm now at the point where dead soldiers now mean nothing. They're not fighting for me, nor are they protecting me. More so, they're being in Afghanistan is putting our lives at even more risk from radical Muslims.

It's really that simple.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Linkers, I don't know Ron Paul, but the point is that he obviously failed. The system is stacked against him. America and to a lesser extent Britain has got too big and the power and influence of the state is dangerous. It would be much better if both countries split down to smaller constituent parts where the state is closer to the people like in Iceland, where if the people don't like something they can demand a referendum and overturn it. When, if ever, did the U.S. have a referendum? Our last one, apart from the vote in Scotland for devolution, was to join what was then the Common Market, 40 years ago. I'll look Ron Paul up and I'll at least know who you're talking about when the discussion continues.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, if we are waging war, I agree with you we should have special squads hunting down the Taliban leaders. I don't think the war was legal and I don't think that we should be there, however.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, it stinks to high heaven. This is, as I say in the post, a CIA operation. Everytime they see a war or such is waning they bring out something like this to get the American opinion polls moving in the right direction again. There is mounting eveidence that the CIA knew something about 9/11, but did nothing to stop it, same as they knew about Pearl Harbour and did nothing there either. They need to be reined back!

Nick Tann said...

Why weren't journalists reporting on this?

They're out there, reporting, so why not report ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I'm not sure from the tone of your reply if you thought those statements were mine. They weren't of course, they cam from the Mail. I really don't know if we are at the stage yet of asking our soldiers to lay down their arms. That might be for some time in the future. They shouldn't be there anyway and you're right when you say it has only radicalised young Muslims in this country. If we are to have religion ad I would ban it right away, you made the point earlier that the Muslim religion might be a good one to follow. At the end of the day they all promise the same although in different ways. Be good and you'll go up to see some fucking deity who is supposed to sit in a cloud waiting for you with an assistant by his side. How the fuck anyone can believe that is beyond me. We have all these shite programmes on TV about ghost hunting when you can't hear the commentary for bleeped out swear words. To my eternal shame, my wife listens to them taped in the morning when I'm on the PC. It must be her Catholic upbringing!

Harbinger said...


Oh no, I did not think for one minute the statements were yours.
Look at the bigger picture here DL, who and I mean WHO is going to invade Britain? The French, Dutch, Portugese, Spanish, Danish? An army is there to protect your land, not there (as it is today) to be used by Oil companies to secure territories that contain ever decreasing oil supplies.

You know Oil's going to run out. It's best to let people know the truth asap instead of springing it on them in the future with no alternative in place. I mean, people buy cars and bikes and haven't a clue oil is disappearing faster than a snowflake in hell! There is no system in place to cope with the society we've all enjoyed made 100% as it is by Oil. There are 7billion people on the planet, 2 billion before Oil.

Soldiers today are nothing but bodyguards for politicians, but more importantly bankers and corporation's investments in foreign lands.

We've come to the realisation today that the only enemies that we have are those whom we elect to sit in Whitehall. Thus, every person who joins the forces becomes nothing more than their pawns. I hate to think what it will be like in the future when the government imposes martial law, again an attack on the people, by the people. The whole thing's madness and perpetuated by people's overwhelming ignorance to reality!

richard said...

The mickey-mouse saltires...hmm. Black OP or not, your former enemies waving Scottish flags and smiling seems a step in the right direction to me.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Nickers, welcome to the blog. They don't repert it because they are owned by a cabal of powerful men who make sure we don't find out the truth. Harbinger, whose comment, follows this one, has researched this whole issue in some detail and I'm sure he would also mention that many of these publishers are also Zionists. I suggest you visit his blog for more info, but it is very interesting.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, in total agreemnet that they are there to protect oil supplies as was the war in Iraq to protect the PetroDollar. If the best minds in the world can't come up with something to replace oil before it runs out, I would be very surprised. I hope it doesn't happen soon as I've just paved the back door and I don't want to rip it up again to grow vegetables as there will be none in the shops, sorry supermarkets, wouldn't be able to get supplies, although I would imagine that small scale, local, enterprises will have sprung up to fill in the gap. Hey! It doesn't sound too bad. Now if we can just work out, how to employ people because they can't all work on the land, we may have the start of a new political party!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Big Dick, that was certainly one way to bring Muslim and Christian worlds closer together. I hope the bastard dies a very painful death because he obviously had something to do with it, but in my eyes he was a patsy. Oh and did I mention that it pissed off America and the rest of Holyrood. Result!

Anonymous said...

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