Sunday, 23 May 2010


HOW MUCH of your Council Tax payment do you think, is going to pay the GOLDEN PLATED, FINAL SALARY pension schemes of EX-COUNCIL EMPLOYEES like the bunch of COFFIN DODGERS ABOVE!

Well, an investigation by me and the Sunday Post has revealed some interesting facts in Scotland.
A survey of 30 local authorities across Scotland revealed they contributed a combined total £629m into their staff pension funds last year. Over the same period their combined council tax income was £2.1bn. SO AN AVERAGE IN SCOTLAND OF 30%.  The highest ratio of council tax to pension contributions was in Orkney, where a massive 69 per cent was paid into staff retirement plans. Next was Eilean Sar (68 per cent), Shetland Islands (65 per cent) and Dundee City (50 per cent). 
Glasgow City Council had the highest pension bill (£54.5m) followed by Edinburgh (£46.1m), Fife (£40.7m) and Aberdeenshire (£39.1m).

69% of all Council Tax contributions going to pay PENSIONS.  How do they pay for the roads, social services etc, etc.  I suppose the rest has to come from the SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT, so we are ending up paying for it twice, so some EX-COUNCIL BIGWIG can sit on a huge FINAL SALARY PENSION.  I think not.  TIME SOMETHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT BEFORE I GET ANGRY!


subrosa said...

Keep calm now. No point in getting your blood pressure up. This doesn't surprise me in the least. I'm sure it's been around that percentage for years.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, No the pension deficit has gone from £800 to £4.6BILLION deficit in 8 years mostly under Labour. That deficit is unmanagable! Blood pressure must be risen! The people must get out on the street! the walls of Local government must fall! It's all the Pope's fault! Personally I blame the immigrants!

Down in the Smoke said...

Some of our public servants have attained the best of both worlds.

The Isle of Wight - that quintessential English island well-renowned for its premier yachting at Cowes and its spectacular sands in Newport, is a far cry from the inner city problems of Newham, but the Tories have dropped us an email shocked to find out that the borough's chief executive Joe Duckworth spends just three days a week at the Town Hall, whilst remaining on the south coast for the other two.

We are told he is in the borough from Tuesday to Thursday and we assume he works from home on Monday and Friday from his home in the Isle of Wight, 125kms away.

If that arrangement is accurate that's some cushy set-up on-top of an annual salary of £240,000 - the highest town hall chief executive salary in Britain!

No wonder Sir Robin was so excited about this appointment. His chief executive can't be around too often to note what his political master is calculating next.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Smokers, that is fucking unbelievable! We must be a right bunch of mugs, that put up with it. Why should he be paid twice what the PM gets for probably a two day week by the time he knocks off early and arrives late. what a chancer. Is he a Socialist?

wee boaby said...

I think your figures for unfunded public sector pension liabilities are probably on the low side. The total UK unfunded liabilities now stand at £1.1 trillion or 85% of GDP.
Labour increased the public sector by about 700,000 to over 6 million while in office. Mainly to buy votes. They also failed to scrap the generous 2/3 of wage pensions while taking about £10Bn out of private ,fully funded pension schemes.
The SNP have cut the public sector by about 10,000 since coming to power and have about 600,000 public sector workers. The 'agenda for change' plan and hiring of agency and temp staff will grind down the number of public sector workers eventually. But it's all too little too late. By 2015 the UK will pay out about £75Bn annually to retired public sector workers. About £6Bn in Scotland.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Boabs, the figures ar mind boggling. There is going to be a point where everyone's tax is paying for civil service pensions. I'm sorry but very few in private employment have pension schemes so give them their contributions back with interest and no more. Fuck the lot of them.