Monday, 19 April 2010



ZIMBABWE, a country that's gone from supplying most of Africa with food to a bankrupt, corrupt BASKET CASE OF A COUNTRY.  I wonder if they had OIL if the country would have been allowed to fall into this state.  I'm all for independence.  I want it for my own country!  But, why do we allow BASTARDS like Mugabe to crush and kill any opposition like some sixteenth century DESPOT?  How many countries are better now than when they were ruled by the 'white man'.  Not too many I would bet and that's not a racially prejudiced comment, just a fact of life.

My Aunt lived and died in ZIMBABWE for 40 odd years.  Thank Christ, she died 25 years ago. I wouldn't have wanted her to see the state of the country and people that she loved.  She must be 'BIRLIN' IN HER GRAVE!


wee boaby said...

I expect Iraqis and Afghanis would have preferred we didn't kill and torture them by the thousands while taking their oil. Indians are doing well now. Buying up our steel and car companies despite being treated as coolies for centuries. China is moving to first place in the world despite being under our cosh for a century. African slaves are no longer shipped to the Americas to be tortured and raped by their white masters. South Africans no longer have their leader in prison while Maggie fights attempts to overthrow apartheid. The Incas are sadly all gone. Slaughtered by the Spanish. The American Indians lost all their lands by Westerners with better technology. The Aboriginies lost their lands because of better equipped Westerners.
We have nothing to be proud of and should return home and stop interfering in other countries.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Boabs, in general I agree, but some of these countries we maybe left too early before they became civilised. Iraq and Afghanistan, fucking Americans, we shouldn't be there.Indians are doing well? Boabs you're joking. there is a new middle class but there are millions living in squalor. China has only ever been under the cosh of the Chinese Communist Party who still hold sway in most of the country, with a powerbase that's keeps down the common man. The Africans enslave each other. There is hardly a country in Africa with the posible exception of South Africa that can be termed to be a success. Rwnada, the Congo, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Libya, Somalia, the Sudan, Uganda, Chad, Angola, Mozambique, need I go on? South America, poverty stricken with totalitarian Governments, Argentina, Chile, Honduras etc.,

Our treatment of native peoples in some countries was a disgrace, I admit, but no worse than some of their leaders, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao etc, etc, etc.

wee boaby said...

Aye DL. But WTF were we doing in any of these countries in the first place ? Today and in the past ?
Would you be happy if they came over here and tortured, killed, shipped us for slavery, taught us their ways, took our oil and gas and anything else worth plundering, used our women as playthings, ruled over us ? Would you fuck.
We're not more civilsed than them. We kill them in their hundreds from 30,000 feet. At least they get up close and personal for their killings.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Boabs, I am not disputing that it was wrong in the first place to have doe it, going by our modern ideals. My assertion is that a lot of these countries particularly in Africa are practically incapable of running themselves. What happened 2-300 years ago when we colonised these countries can't be the resposibility of today's British citizens. Ideas and customs were different in those days. That is why it is ridiculous of Brown to apologise for the slave trade. Fuck me, there are just about as many people enslaved now in modern liberal times in some of those countries as there was then and by their own people. Although the country as a whole might have made money out of the slave trade 300 years ago, my family to the best of my knowledege didn't, so I don't see why my taxes and money out of my pocket should go to prop up dictators who enslave and kill their own people. I do contribute monthly to many overseas charities and that is my choice but hopefully the money that I contribute is a bit better spent that throwing it at corrupt Governments.

banned said...

Heavy stuff wee boaby but in general the Spaniards did not "kill" millions of South Americans; they just caused their deaths by the introduction of European diseases. In revenge they gave us various strains of Sexually Transmitted Diseases which our Labour government are still at pains to promote to our youngsters today.

banned said...

Oh, and by the way; South Africa is fucked too, going the way of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Brought a bit of breathing space by the saintly Mandela but as soon as his memory fades the maniacs will assert themselves.

The Boggart said...

Also the BBC has virtually had no coverage not proper anyway of the hundreds if not thousands of white farmers murdered and driven from their homes and still continuing.

I also agree with Dark L about these former colonies, people forget they owe us nothing & could turn on us in a heartbeat if given half the chance.

cum oan get aff said...

Just wait till the break up of the UK, when they turn on us and start fucking things I hope they are thinking of England. !!!

your right DL eff all to do with us, all that has to be done is follow the money and if [they] need identified thats easy, they are the ones today telling us how to live our lives in this country.

At the hieght of the British Empire when [they] were stuffing their wallets, the people of these islands were living in abject poverty

I agree, stop interfering in other countries, fuck off out of Scotland

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, to be fair they died in S. America, but you could demand an apology from Norway for the Vikings. I mean how far back to you go. Didn't know it was them that gave us the pox, very interesting. S. Africa will go the same way as soon as Mandela dies. To let the genie out of the bottle, the Africans are either too corrupt or too stupid to run a country. Not prejudice just a fact.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bogey, fair enough. Pay the market rate and get the whites out. But Mugabe's henchman have just ruined a once great country. A country BTW which was good for, at least better than now, for the majority of the blacks. I believe though that you weren't allowed to take your own money out the country, not that it would be worth much with the inflation they've had.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Get aff ya naff. There's not a lot you could add to that. Just wait until we tell England that we're wanting our share of the spoils of the British Empire since 1707. Can you imaging what the exhibits in the London Museums and art galleries are worth? National debt. I'll give you national debt.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Boabs, you've taken a wee bit of a hammering here. Please don't think I don't have sympathy with your ideals. Do you have anything to add?

scunnert said...

"Would you be happy if they came over here and tortured, killed, shipped us for slavery, taught us their ways, took our oil and gas and anything else worth plundering, used our women as playthings, ruled over us ?"

They did Boaby - they were cawed the bastard English!

"The American Indians lost all their lands by Westerners with better technology."

Naw they didnae. Ah live within a hauf oors drive ae two reservations - land given over to tribes not native to this area. In fact this region was depopulated when the first Europeans arrived due to a genocidal war by the original inhabitants - the Iroquois and Huron.

Wee Boaby - you should understand that they were aw at it - slavery - war against neighbours - murdering, raping, stealing - these were all endemic in pre-contact North and South America, Africa, Asia. It's a bit rich to point the finger of blame because Europeans were better at it!

However, it is the case that most, if not all, British colonies were in much better shape when the Brits left than they were when the Brits came. DL has already pointed out that Mugabe inherited the breadbasket of Africa and turned it into a disaster area. It had a standard of living equivalent to Europe's and now it is a pauper.

Every sub-Saharan country is falling apart - fact. (Not that the UK is in much better shape mind.) Some would have us believe that this is because the "nations" there are artificial European constructs imposed upon tribal societies. Fair enough. Still doesn't excuse Zimbabwe.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Scunnert, excellent comment. My thoughts exactly.