Wednesday, 21 April 2010


The latest polls have shown a rise in support for the SNP of eight percent from the 2005 General Election.

SNP Depute Leader Nicola Sturgeon said:
 "This is a very strong showing from the SNP as the only party to gain  ground in Scotland from the last Westminster election. SNP support is up 8  points as all the London parties see their vote fall.  "Voters are turning away from the 2 main UK parties and choosing a positive alternative - in Scotland this poll demonstrates that alternative  is the SNP.
 "While the Lib Dem's may fool voters in England that support is not being  replicated in Scotland because people have a more credible and attractive alternative to the failed Westminster parties.
 "Despite their high profile in the TV debates Labour, the Lib Dems and the  Tories are down on the 2005 election as Scottish voters turn against the  Westminster machine and in favour of local and national champions.
 We will show that in a balanced Parliament it is only a vote for the SNP that will put Scotland's interests on the Westminster agenda."


subrosa said...

I read somewhere that sadly the surge wouldn't get them more than one seat. Would that be right DL?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, that's the conclusion. But then locally you can get variations. They need something like 7% to get a second seat and the swing is 5.9% but the libdem surge will fall and that will give the SNP more votes as the credible alternative to Labour. Also the unemployment figures out today won't help and there are bound to be bad growth figures which are out any day now which I am sure will put us back in recession.

Allan said...

DL. I think your right and locally the SNP can pick up some extra seats. We saw this in 2005 when the SNP won more seats but had a drop in the national share of the vote but this time the party is polling about 8% higher and we have some very big local issues like the Divine guy in Livingston.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Allan, welcome. Aye I am sure with some of the local campaigning extra seats will be picked up. The Libthingies will fall back when people see they are a party who want to keep Gordon Brown in Downing Street.

Anonymous said...

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colettetuckerpeyton said...

Just keep working hard
If SNP are 3rd go for 2nd
If SNP are 2nd go for the win
If SNP hold the seat go for 50% of the vote.

Forget the poles - only MAY counts!