Saturday, 10 April 2010


STUART MacLENNAN, the LABOUR candidate, in MORAY has been sacked by that ARSEHOLE JIM MURPHY for amongst other things calling OAPs, 'COFFIN DODGERS'.
In a series of posts scattered with four-letter words, he attacked the Commons Speaker John Bercow ("tit"), David Cameron ("twat"), Nick Clegg ("a bastard") and the Labour backbencher Diane Abbot ("a fucking idiot").

Well, WHO THE FUCK IS GOING TO ARGUE WITH THAT?  The words that Stuart used are the language of the young.  TWITTER is full of similar comments.  LABOUR should have the courage of their convictions.  The whole thing is a load OF PISH!  Just wait till I get onto TWITTER.  I'LL SORT THE BASTARDS OUT!


first class WTF ? said...

He called people at Stirling railway station 'chavs'. I thought all the posh bastards lived in Stirling ?
And why the fuck was he booked first class ? Hope we're not paying for it. Little shit. If he's paying for it why isn't he paying off his student loan instead ? Must be getting paid well seeing as he's permanently pished and travels first class.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Whatthe fucker, The chavs in Stirling were obviously some English people up here on holiday. We don't have chavs in Scotland. They are neds or just scruffy bastards. But you are right. Questions must be asked about his student loan and why it was not getting paid off. I beleive that he was working free for Labour in the Parly, so is there some sort of Payola going on here?