Friday, 19 March 2010


Supermarkets are promoting alcopops - the powerful drinks often targeted at teenagers - more than any other alcohol.
Figures published today reveal 46 per cent of the controversial drinks have been on offer throughout the past year.  The deals are designed to increase sales of products like the Bacardi Breezer, Smirnoff Ice and WKD ranges - which are sugary drinks with an alcohol kick.  Ten years ago, alcopops such as Hooch were blamed for enabling a generation of teenagers to consume alcohol in large quantities, replacing cider as the young's favourite drink.  The next most discounted drink was beer and lager at 21 per cent.

Anyone who doesn't now realise that SUPERMARKETS are targeting the YOUNG and FAT LASSIES in particular, whose drink of choice is the SUGARY SHITE that is the ALCOPOP, to get them addicted to Alcohol and high sugar products, IS NIEVE IN THE EXTREME! 

It also has interesting ramifications for the SNP's alcohol pricing policy.  The London Government has targeted ALCOPOPS with increased taxes but the more they increase the tax the more the SUPERMARKETS cut the price.  Now, I understand that the Government's reason for increasing the price of Alcopops is not purely for the health of the young but also as an easy tax hike, but if they weren't in the PAY and I mean PAY, of the BIG SUPERMARKETS then they could take them on and properly protect the health of the nation by making them at least ADEQUATELY label food products, so the consumer has a choice and secondly, make them cut down on the amount of packaging they use, if they're SUPPOSED TO BE so keen on protecting the ENVIRONMENT!


RantinRab said...

Big bad supermarkets, eh! Imagine selling stuff that people buy, shocking.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rab, like the MPs should you not be declaring a financial interest in Supermarkets? BTW I see that Morrisons have more offers on high fat, high calorie products than any other supermarkets. I like a bit of fat myself, but it's maybe not too late for the young. Mind you I don't think a healthy eating camapign would make any difference in Kilmarnock, home of the Killie Pie!

RantinRab said...

DL, you're right about the amount of unhealthy stuff promoted at Morrisons. But that's what sells!

We must attract fatties.

fake charities said...

I read that article in The Daily Wail. That guy from the fake charity, alcohol concern ( govt funded to back govt policy) is plain wrong saying that alcohol prices have reduced in real terms by 75% over the last 20 years. The truth according to the organisation for national statistics (ONS) is that...

" Between 1980 and 2008, the price of alcohol increased by 283.3%. After considering inflation (at 21.3%), alcohol prices increased by 19.3% over the period."

Anyway I thought the problem was cheap alcohol ? Alcopops are at least twice as expensive as the cheap lagers and ciders and wouldn't be affected by the minimum pricing plan.

banned said...

Thank you fake charities Alcopops are NOT cheap FFS.
Mind you they look like Tizer on heat as per Dls pic.
When I were a lad we wanted a real drink that made us look like men, not some day-glo, kiddy fizz-pop shite.
My fav was to decant half of a quarter bottle of Lambs Navy Rum into last weeks empty and then top them both up with neat blackcurrent juice.

Sorted, the contents looked a manly brown but tasted ever so sweet, even by the swigful.
Let's hope that the evil alcohol factory whores don't catch on eh?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rab, of course and that pie counter is very tempting. Good job I've got a modicum of will-power.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Charities, I take you point. I think however to be fair the alcopops are aimed at as I said fat lassies who are then addicted both to alcohol and high sugar. That WKD shite is advertised on telly with some guy and his mates drinking it in the pub after some, (aye right), funny episode. Have you ever seen four guys standing in a pub drinking WKD. I don't think so. Therefore who is it aimed at? Young boys of 16 maybe who can't gt into pubs and think that that is the cool drink older men drink? It may be expensive in relation to cider but it is a 'premium' drink to them, when they've got a few bob. I don't know, I only know a wee bit about marketing and these companies are getting paid fortunes to do the PR. What about cider? That's marketed from everything from bottled cider and ice being drunk by some friends out on their bikes on a nice summer's day in the Cotswolds to an army of workmen drouthing at the mouth for a refreshing pint of Stronbow cider. Who's that aimed at? The weans buying cider in Iceland at £1.20 for a 2 litre bottle of 5% cider. That's about the same alcohol as a third of a bottle of vodka. For £1.20? And that's not subsidised? Why? To get them hooked. And I speak as someone with drink problems.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, though as I said above alcopops are a 'premium' drink to kids. That's the way it's marketed. When I was young it was a half bottle of British wine or 'Lanliq' as it was called. But if I had a few bob it was cans of special brew as well because although it was dearer it was a premium strong lager. I remember getting absolutely pished one night when I was 16 or so on 6 cans of Special Brew. Looking back I took to the drink like a duck to water. Mind you my parents liked a small refreshment as well!