Thursday, 11 February 2010


Not content with contemplating taxing you to the hilt because of your 'CARBON FOOTPRINT',  (who the fuck invented that phrase anyway), the bastards are now after your family pet.

Seemingly there are now 20m pets in the UK instead of 12m a few years ago.  This arsehole, a Dr John Barrett, can be heard on this BBC RADIO 4 RECORDING saying that a large dog can have a 'carbon footprint' as large as a family car basically because it is a carnivore.

Just where are these PRICKS going to get off?  Are we seriously at the stage where we are supposed to feel guilty because we have a CAT and as he tells us in the interview, we have a 'footprint' fourteen times larger that some native of a SHANTY TOWN ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF MUMBAI?



Anonymous said...

Banned, can't be arsed to sign in.
This thing about pets condemning us to Climate Armageddon has been around for a while but yesterday the 'Climate Trust' advised us that to save the planet we must tackle that 10% of the population that wontonly waste resources by ironing their pants.

Honest, it was on radio 2 news.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, do you mean trousers. I've never ironed my pants. I pride myself on having crinkly ones!

banned said...

No DL, they were quite specific, pants, as in underwear.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, Fuck me. You mean there are some bastards somewhere ironing their Y Fronts. Christ they must be getting some birds! Maybe they iron them when they have them on and it's some sort of cheap thrill Willy singeing for a red crispy cock!