Wednesday, 6 January 2010


ZIMBABWE'S black marketeers have found a new money-spinner: they're selling old Zimbabwe dollar banknotes to western souvenir hunters.

The 100-trillion dollar note can fetch up to £20, reports said yesterday.  American and European visitors are snapping up the out-of- circulation bills in Victoria Falls to sell back home, according to the Bulawayo-based Chronicle newspaper.  Bank tellers in the resort town have joined the trade, offering foreign clients Zimbabwe dollars under the counter.

That will be Britain in 10 years time if Brown and his rag-tag Cabinet get back into power.  This delusional PM is putting pressure on the BANK OF ENGLAND to increase the money supply through QUANTATIVE EASING which any Standard Grade student in economics knows leads to Hyper-inflation.

So hang onto your £50 notes when they become worth £0.009, because some rich German or French tourist might give you A TENNER FOR THEM!


banned said...

Buy a wheelbarrow quick, while you can still carry enough notes without one.
Fucking hell DL, after three weeks the snow has finally arrived on the night that my heating packed up! Here I am sitting with all the lights on, a gas ring on in the kitchen and a few candles attempting a smidgen of heat. Get on to Gordon and ask what the fuck is he going to do about it?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, it's always the same. If your guarantee ius for a year the fucking thing breaks down around 370 days. Keep warn, drink plenty, I've phoned Gordy and he says he'll be round sharpish with Obama to see if he can do anything.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

I wonder what a BIG win in a Harare casino looks like? And the knocking shops must have gone over to barter by now surely.

If we are lucky the sex tourists will be gentle with us. What's the UK equivalent of Palam Bang?

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!!! Just think all you lucky England fans will be able to nip over the border and get your AIDS on the cheap during the World Cup!

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