Thursday, 14 January 2010


Farmers have today been warned they could face fines if they grit snow-blocked roads using tractors powered by red diesel.

HM Revenue and Customs has issued guidance to the National Farmers' Union urging them not to use the reduced-tax fuel when gritting.  The move has been criticised with protesters claiming it could stop farmers reaching neighbours stranded in the deep snow.

Under current rules they can only grit roads if using tractors powered by white diesel - the standard fully-taxed fuel for trucks, vans and cars.  Farmers are entitled by HMRC to use red diesel in their tractors on their own land or on public roads to clear routes of snow to allow feed deliveries or milk collections.  But if intending to spread grit on these cleared roads as a preventative measure, they must use white diesel, meaning farmers must drain tractor tanks of the red fuel.

Just where do these ARSEHOLES get off.  Farmers are working all the hours God sends in some areas to help stranded drivers.  And H.M.R.C. are getting their knickers in a twist over some duty due on red diesel?  After the money the banks have been handed?  



banned said...

Her Majesties Retards & Cunts

Sell them to Lord Adonis, the nuclear winter supremo, who instructed us all to ignore elfinsafety stupidness and help clear the fucking roads oueselves.

Stout Heart said...

We are becoming increasingly like the bloody Germans – there is a rule for everything as if that was not oppressive enough there is some small minded idiot who is there to vigorously enforce it; failure to comply will bring down the whole crushing weight of the system, that no longer understands the concept of proportionality, on your shoulders.

The centralised administration of McIdiot governs by dictating even the most minor detail and gives power to those without the wit to exercise it with discretion. Statutory fines handed out by GCSE failures that can hardly read let alone understand the concepts enshrined in common law concerning the right to a fair trial by your peers.

Sure the farmers should pay tax when driving on the road but not in these exceptional circumstances, especially when acting in the public interest.

These minor functionaries should be given a shovel and told to dig out stranded motorists themselves – they’d soon hand the job bag to the sons of the soil then.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, can you imagine draining your tractor's petrol tank because you want to go and get some motorists out of a drift. The bastards could prosecute me first. The only trouble is that the fucking Judges are so decrepit and thick they would probably find in their favour.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stouters, the Brits are just like the Krauts. The French pass the laws in the EU and we're the only two countries that keep to them. All laws should be passed with the proviso that they apply unless exceptional or unusual circumstances prevail. I would love to see some of the HMRC stuck in a snow drift, they wouldn't be asking the farmer then what type of diesel he's got in his tank.

wee boaby said...

We keep to the EU laws when it suits us and is a good excuse to avoid taking control of our own country but ignore them if they're not politically suitable.
ie We ignore EU rulings and laws telling us to destroy the DNA database, scrap stop and search with no excuse and introduce equal rights for agency workers. These laws go against nulab policy so are ignored.
We see EU law as sacrosanct when nulab agree with it. Benefits for all EU members, fishing rights for countries that don't even have a coastline, health and safety, asylum rights, medical rights for all EU members ('doctor' from germany with no english and no qualifications recently killed 2 britons on his first shift as an out of hours GP ).
So I don't agree that we slavishly follow EU rules as they are the law. NuLab only follow rules that further their multicultural, man made agw agenda and will ignore the laws that are supposed to increase our freedoms etc.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Boaby, you have a very serious hat on today! But as with the post above, I have no arguements. This totalitarian Government only use EU rules to top up the ones they haven't thought of to keep us poor and enslaved. That is the only way some twats in this country will vote for them. They are so fucking stupid that they can't see that it is Labour's policies that keep them poor, well apart from them being lazy fuckers that is.

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