Friday, 8 January 2010


John Smeaton has had a blast at ineffectual Labour leader, Iain (honest I'm really well known) Gray, in his column in today's SOARAWAY TORY SUN saying:

SCOTTISH Labour leader Iain 'interesting' Gray had a wee pop at yours truly over the weekend.

The most boring man in politics claimed the BBC had blown over a MILLION pounds making a documentary about me.  I wish - I'm bloody skint this month.  That was for the show Make Me An MP, about my failed attempt to get elected in the Glasgow North East by-election back in November.

But appearing as a guest on the Radio Scotland show Off The Ball on Saturday, Gray gloated: "For John Smeaton the BBC spent five grand for each vote."  That adds up to a whopping £1.29million for my 258 votes - way over the show's five-figure budget.  The former maths teacher got his sums hopelessly wrong.  And they say teacher standards are falling?  They must have improved when he quit for politics.

OFF THE BALL, JOHN?  I reckon that last comment was one RIGHT IN THE BALLS!


two fat slags said...

'Off the Ball'. A show where two Labour luvvies invite their Labour pals onto their show to slag off the SNP and have an occasional chat about football. Better to tune in at 1.30pm when their shit show finishes and the football reporting starts.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Slaggers, I haven't heard it for donkeys years. Is that fat bastard Cosgrave still on it? He's a labour luvvie for sure!

The Young Oligarch said...

I think you're right DL , but you ignore the fact that the SNP is merely another aspect of Labour-dom (especially Labour lovie-dom) .

When guys like you , me and Smeato have their views represented , then we've got a democracy !

two fat slags said...

DL, yeah Cosgrove is still there doing his pseudo intellectual chit chat. He flies up from London for the show. Tam Cowan has branched out into newspaper columns, restaurant reviews, after dinner speeches etc.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, yes at the moment. But as I've said before the SNP are only a one policy party as far as I am concerned. There are plenty of Tories in the SNP because they want independence and they can't get it with the Tories, particularly with big Huffy in charge in Scotland.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Slaggers, I would have thought with all his fame he would be calling himself Thomas Cowan by now!