Friday, 8 January 2010


David, (the man who would be King if he had a backbone) Miliband, has assured our Icelandic friends that it doesn't really matter if they default on their £2.3 billion debt to Britain as it won't affect their negotiations to join the E.U. 

BIG BAD BRITAIN would not even contemplate using the issue to put pressure on such a small but fragile nation.

AYE RIGHT!  Iceland’s threat to default on its debt to Britain should surprise no one. Icelanders are, by nature, intrinsically unreasonable. It is part of their charm and the secret of their survival. If the founders of that unique nation — Norwegians, escaping from medieval tyranny, with their Irish and Scottish slaves and women they kidnapped during their flight — had made a rational appraisal of their prospects, they would not have settled on a giant lump of lava in the cold ocean just south of the Arctic Circle.

The national genetic records are precise. The men and women who want to repudiate the obligation to repay the loan are directly descended from the heroes of the sagas. When those marauding old Norsemen found that they had mistaken Venice for Constantinople, they sacked it anyway because sacking was their business. Their progeny are not going to feel many qualms about keeping £3.6 billion of somebody else’s money.

So get your act together sharpish Miliband or WE'LL stop giving you our oil revenue as well!


Anonymous said...

You are aware that it is not Iceland's position that they should not pay what is properly owed (the minimum guaranteed amounts of relevant accounts). It is only the terms of the repayment the Icelandic people do not agree with.

"It's okay to default" is totally misleading, as that's not their intention.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, I understood the proposed terms of repayment were very generous, from memory 5% interest payable over 15 years or longer if required. Are you Icelandic or Norwegian and if so would you like to expand your comment?

Shades Of Ansel said...

I can't write anything for pissing myself at that picture.What a fucking ugly TWAT.He makes McSnot,scrub that.McSnot wrote the book on UGLY.He's untouchable

banned said...

Yet you DL object to my plan to invade nefarious Iceland in revenge for the Cod Wars and sell off her population as indentured labourers to recover our debts!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ansel, if that is all they've got to challenge Brown it's no wonder he's still in power. What a joke. He'll never live down the banana incident. It'll be like that fucker Kinnock falling backwards into the sea.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, much quicker just to nuke them, then the rest of the twats like Iran etc will simmer down and behave. What you proposed is illegal under International Law, so don't be silly. Even nuking them we have to ask Mr Obama's permission first.