Thursday, 7 January 2010


They are the views held dear by the older generation... the people whose votes are likely to decide the General Election.

A manifesto of policies to suit the over 55s was presented to political leaders yesterday.  And it is one that party chiefs ignore at their peril, as that generation is far more likely to vote than its younger counterparts.

The manifesto calls for the shoring up of the state pension, cuts in taxation, an end to prejudice against the elderly in the NHS and the BBC, and the scrapping of compulsory retirement rules.

Other demands included, Health:  Free support stockings for the over 65s and those with varicose veins.  Free dentures for everyone over 55 whether they need them or not and hip replacements every ten years instead of twenty as at present.

Sexual health: 3 Viagra tablets per week for all over 60s, free tickets for men over 80 at women's matches at Wimbledon and a used pair of Arlene Phillip's, (pictured), knickers at Christmas.

Leisure: A packet of Werthers Originals Toffees for men and three balls of knitting wool for women, whilst watching T.V.,  repeat viewings of the  'Antiques Roadshow' on the BBC iplayer and two seats on the W.I. bus outing to the Blackpool Illuminations.

Finance: A State Pension of £450 per week for a married couple and £300 for a single Pensioner, free heating and a guaranteed 25% interest A.E.T. on their wee investments.

and finally Miscellaneous: 2 weeks in Margate in July, free stamps and a signed photo of that nice Mr Wogan. 


banned said...

Not old enough to be allowed to read that manifesto but it seems that I am entitled to go for lunch at Help The Aged.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, Yes with plenty of semolina so it doesn't gettrapped under your plate!