Saturday, 9 January 2010


A conman who posed as The British Prime Minister using kit bought from eBay was jailed yesterday for 20 months.

Gordon Brown’s deception was so successful that even his wife believed he was the Prime Minister.  At their wedding six years ago, he reserved a place for American President, George W. Bush, blaming his subsequent no-show on security problems.

At various times he claimed to be a Chancellor of the Exchequer, Leader of the Labour Party, Saviour of the World's Finances and Super Climate Change Supremo.  In 2009, he gave various talks, in a badly fitting suit, at the Palace of Westminster, answering questions from Leaders of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties.  He then went on to take questions from various MPs.

Worcester Crown Court was told that Brown would con the Nation with impunity. After staying at a country house owned by the U.K. called Chequers, he offered to buy the property for £12,720,000, telling Civil Servants that a recent inheritance meant he could pay in cash.  But he stalled for nearly two years, delaying the supposed purchase with a series of bounced cheques and excuses.  To prove his finances were sound, he authorised loans to the banks of £1.7 trillion of which he expected to get a cut when he left office.  All the time he continued to take free breaks at the £100,200-a-week property.

American President, Barack Obama, the first black man ever to hold the post, when informed about Brown's deception, told us "Shhh!  Shutup!  I've got them believing I'm the Leader over here, as well!"


Anonymous said...

I close my eyes and I can still see that picture of Broon smiling.
You bastard DL, I'll never sleep again and my cat just shat itself.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Headson, the best of it is that it's not 'photoshopped'. The bastard really is deranged!