Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Expenses reforms which would see peers paid a £200-a-day attendance allowance to turn up for work at the House of Lords have been described as an ‘utter insult’.

The proposals, suggested by the Salaries Review Body, follow claims that some peers abuse the £174-a-night overnight allowance.  However, they called plans to prevent them from claiming for mortgage interest and first-class travel when they’re not working ‘crackers’.

Lord Palmer, a cross-bench hereditary peer, told the Daily Telegraph the £200 payment was ‘derisory’ and an 'utter insult'.  He claimed lowering overnight allowances to £140 would force peers to take taxis to the outskirts of London, which he described as a 'scary experience' for older female peers.

‘The idea of having to share a compartment with a complete stranger or indeed another noble lord is completely unthinkable.’

Oh!  Do you think so.  You should try getting a no 47 bus home late at night when there's some fucker behind you being sick in the hood of your anorak and you're frightened to turn round and complain because she's got a 6 inch knife and she's a psychopath.  Aye, it's not easy being a bus driver when the wife's been out on the piss.


banned said...

Frankly m'lud, I would not mind being insulted with £60 grand per annum tax fucking free for doing very little except mumbling 'her her' once in a while.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, but the fuckers only sit officially for 40 days a year. The rest of the time they want attendance allowance for signing in, fucking off and going off to shag their mistress, And they want first class travel for doing it!

Quiet_Man said...

£1000 a week tax free just for turning up stay for 5 mins then go home seems pretty fair to me. But then again I work for a living 48 hours a week for about half that.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Quieters, I suppose their only excuse is that the company uniform is quite expensive!

Anonymous said...

Message to the Politions.
It is normal if you have a dispute about pay TO GO ON STRIKE!!!
PLEASE do this to show the country just how much we NEED YOU and PROVE, YOU are worth the money.
I think you will NOT go on strike because we will see NO DIFFERENCE except a rise in living standards and a rise in freedom of expression for the common man.
YOU get paid from the same pot as a nurse or a teacher or a fireman.If you want private sector pay ,work in the private sector! I think YOU are TOO INCOMPITANT to earn this kind of money in the private sector.
Can I ask the readers of this blog ,what do you expect would happen if the government went on strike IN REAL TERMS?
HOW can you justify being paid MORE than a nurse for example!!!!
IF nurses all went on strike or on holiday a mass of people would die.If teachers did this our children would not be educated ,would you be happy to know that the firemen are all on holiday in IBIZA?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Cuthulan, the difference is that Ministers and the civil servants are still working even when the parliament is not sitting. Ministers don't get holiday and for running or taking the political decisions in a department they get paid the same as a head teacher. Which in my view isn't enough. I attend quite a few clinics for various things and there are far too many nurses running them. I'm not saying that the ones in the ward don't work hard for their money but not all are in the ward or in the theatre. The only difference when Parliament is on holiday is that the Government is not being held to account by the opposition.