Sunday, 20 December 2009


Ministers were last night accused of drumming up trade for a multi-million-pound company owned by one of Labour's biggest donors. Caparo, the engineering firm founded by Lord Paul, the Labour peer who has non-domicile tax status, was invited on a UK delegation to Saudi Arabia headed by the trade minister Lord Davies of Abersoch earlier this month.

Lord Paul's son, Angad, the chief executive of Caparo, represented the company on the visit to Jeddah, and to an entirely new metropolis on the Red Sea called King Abdullah Economic City. At the same time, it emerged that Caparo has contracts with the Ministry of Defence for nearly half a million pounds.

The disclosures fuelled concerns that the company and the Paul family are benefiting from a close relationship with Labour. Lord Paul, who has donated £400,000 to the Labour Party and who is worth an estimated £500m, is a close friend of Gordon and Sarah Brown.  Lord Paul gave £45,000 to Mr Brown's 2007 leadership campaign and is expected to donate a significant amount towards Labour's general election fund.

This is the administration that exploded onto the scene in 1997 promising to 'CLEAN UP POLITICS'.  Their first move was to receive a bribe from BERNIE ECCLESTONE and they have continued along their SLEAZE RIDDEN PATH ever since.  They now have become known as the PARTY OF SLEAZE AND THE QUICK 'BUCK'.  DISGUSTING!  KEIR HARDIE will be birlin' in HIS GRAVE.


banned said...

Fake 'lord' Paul "has six contracts with the MoD worth a total of £488,784.
Bob Ainsworth, the Secretary of State for Defence, told Mr Stuart: "I am withholding the breakdown of this information, as its disclosure would prejudice commercial interests."

I bet it fucking would, him and his son Gonads 'commercial interests', corrupt grubby cunts.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned and how much is going into Ainsworth's pocket or arranging for a nice wee job for him when he gets thrown out on his ear at the next election.

it's that Vaz fella surely said...

That man is the oxygen thief Keith Vaz. I claim my freebie !